Modified 2013 John Cooper Works Mini GP – One Take

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This is a clean example of the second-generation “R56” MINI Cooper S “JCW GP.” The John Cooper Works GP is a special edition of MINI’s fastest three-door, with extra power, stiffer suspension, rear-seat delete, unique wheels and aero, and exclusively a manual transmission. For a fan of the marque, this is the ultimate MINI, though in my review of the stock car, I remarked it had “The performance of the Fiesta ST for the price of a BMW 335i.”

This example has been modified with a host of bolt-on engine modifications, full suspension upgrade with TC Kline coilovers and associated parts, TC Kline wheels, and upgraded brake lines, pads, and fluids. The aftermarket is limited for MINI’s in general, and the JCW Most of all, so to see a modified GP is very rare.

Complete Build Sheet, 2013 John Cooper Works GP
motor: (20-30hp, 30tq over stock)
ETS Custom 6Row InterCooler
NM Eng. Custom Software
NM Eng. Cold Air Intake
NM Eng. CF Intake Pipe
NM Eng. High Press Pipe
NM Eng. Oil Vapor Separator

TC Kline Racing/Koni 2x Adjustable Coil Over Kit
TC Kline Racing Camber Plates
NM Eng. 22mm Rear Sway Bar
Nm Eng. Rear Camber Arms

TC Kline Racing 14mm Wheel Studs & Nuts
NM Eng. RSe12 18×7.5 LWT Bkk
Sumitomo HTRZ III zr215/35-18

StopTech SS Braided Brake Lines
Hawk HPS Brake Pads
ATE Type 200 Gold Brake Fluid


  1. Post By Matt Hardy

    I wonder how many times he has said to people its my wifes car.

  2. Post By Haja

    fun, querky BMW. like it.

  3. Post By Glenns Car Collection

    Cool. I had a Mini Cooper S, great car. I need to review one for my YouTube channel

  4. Post By Steimie Snerdly

    Love these cars! I've wanted a street legal go-kart for years.

  5. Post By Matthew Bailey

    always wanted one of these

  6. Post By Mike Greski

    I thought one takes were over

  7. Post By MANIC R55

    If it was Manic Tuned it would be an animal.

  8. Post By Ayrton Mutagaana

    These things look like a riot, makes me want to drive a small car again. As much fun as my 6MT 5 series is, there's nothing like chucking a small hot hatch around some corners

  9. Post By ChaosphereIX

    Had an 06 R53 with a bunch of bolt ons…was a complete riot and nothing went wrong. Miss that car.

  10. Post By killuminatl

    no thanks on the microtransaction game.

  11. Post By Acureyt

    You are going to ruin that plastic on that huge gauge. Trust me I ruined mine doing that. The mark it leaves will not come off.

  12. Post By jo23bulls

    Is the new gen more reliable?

  13. Post By SG

    That cold air intake installation… zip ties lolololol

  14. Post By John Smith

  15. Post By Alessandr 64

    Is this AcademeG logo?

  16. Post By sam

    When will we see a supra

  17. Post By Lawrence Timme

    A mini Cooper s is really just a rich man's fiesta st

  18. Post By jashy66

    I'm sure people will complain about something but I enjoyed the video he loves the car and cool to see his dads car being cared for

  19. Post By MrKhoshino

    "The only other place you can do that is Porsche." Or Burger King.

  20. Post By Focus ST 91

    Great car…. for a woman

  21. Post By Zvonimir Krajina

    Did he get a cold air intake? I didn't quite get that.

  22. Post By Drunken Ira Hayes

    Video starts at 00:48

  23. Post By jimmynickelz

    Haven't heard Neuspeed in a long time

  24. Post By Logsi

    That howling sloth moon t-shirt is dope!

  25. Post By adcogran

    I use to do business with TC Kline on a daily basis here in Ohio when I worked at a BMW dealership in the parts dept. and they were some great folks that did some awesome work to BMW's and knew this guy's dad and sorry to hear of his passing…..

  26. Post By Justin Boss

    He sounds very impressed with his purchase…

  27. Post By Rusty Shackleford

    Poor kid, they saw him coming a mile away. A fool and his money soon go seperate ways… a truer song has never been sung.But, don't worry kid, you'll grow up and learn from your mistakes (maybe).

  28. Post By DmcxDmc

    Companies gain 40hp plus on just a remap with these… You got done son.

  29. Post By Believe Inyourself

    Overpriced POS.There I said what matt really wanted to say at 5:54

  30. Post By CR A

    Brings back memories of my 06 JCW!

  31. Post By Jeff K

    1st to say 1st

  32. Post By 1970HondaCL100

    Love the cars, but it'll still fall apart before 80,000 miles.

  33. Post By Patrick Tomlinson

    Sorry Matt, but where have you gotten the info that the MINI aftermarket is small? It is huge! Also to remark that the car has ST performance for 335i money is missing the point in how special this little car is. Maybe over saturation to bloated high HP cars has jaded your view.

  34. Post By colin raeburn

    0:43 if u wanna skip the ad lol

  35. Post By colin raeburn

    vikings war of clans are u fucking kidding me lmao

  36. Post By porschedriverful

    Got a seat cupra little bigger than the mini with 240hp. And i can say that its got the same douchebag effect. You just cant help it with these small kart like cars.

  37. Post By towert7

    5:55 that moment when you tell the kid you spent a lot and he went silent to contemplate the meaning of life.

  38. Post By u mother pancit!

    I havent heard people run neuspeed in their cars for years

  39. Post By josh winn


  40. Post By Jeff K

    These do look fun. Something great about small cars for public roads.PS: don't let Matt scare you, hold onto it.

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