Mopar Expert David Wise & The Last HEMI ‘Cuda At Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale

David Wise is a walking encyclopedia of Mopars. At Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2018, David took a closer look at one of the most high-profile Mopars we’ve ever seen. See this rare ‘Cuda cross the auction block on Barrett-Jackson Live this Saturday on Velocity.

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28 thoughts on “Mopar Expert David Wise & The Last HEMI ‘Cuda At Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale

  1. MIKEK3NT says:

    Last Hemi was a 71 Charger

  2. Nnice, nice, NICE!!!

  3. delzottoj says:

    Originality sucks, they drive like shit

  4. They say the same hype crap about every single car over and over at every auction. Who really has the very best of the very rarest of the only one in the world? Lots of people and collectors that will never be at a BJ auction. LOL.

  5. Zoe Aubert says:

    Love professional Muslim stadium across system version.

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  7. BADMO says:

    That is totally crazy, I was at B-Jackson on Sunday in Scottsdale and saw that beautiful blue 'Cuda there lol. I even took several pics of it and posted them on my FB page. Lol you should have seen the Ford and GM booths, they looked like barren wastelands compared to the Mopar section and must have been really embarrassing for them lol. They weren't there just for the incredible Demon ether, people were all over the new badass Hellcat wide-bodies as well.

  8. Stunning 'Cuda! Absolutely gorgeous!

  9. Dylan Parker says:

    It's cool how I just watched the episode and I can recognize the cars shown in this vid.

  10. Kaden Huynh says:

    Yo Chevy is the best or dodge mustang maybe

  11. Saw all kinds of cool stuff yesterday, old Rolls, I saw that cuda, took a pic of it, also saw a model T, Ferraris, Lambos, Mustangs, and never seen that many cobra's, I mean, that was crazy, old Ford GT's, new GT's, Thunderbirds, I mean it was all there.

  12. talk rank each head instructor check importance move.

  13. Andrés64B says:

    I want.

  14. kinda depressing knowing my dream car is now worth $3.5mil

  15. i am disappointed by the ten people who disliked this video as of 1-20-18

  16. Very good

  17. Octavio Soto says:


  18. Jake Bru says:

    I know someone who owns a 1967 mustang

  19. B Light says:

    I never owned a Hemi cuda, but I did own a 340 six pack cuda.

  20. Help needed! I have an all original 1972 Olds Cutlass Supreme, in great shape, original paint, carpet, wheels and everything. No rust. Only one owner besides myself. I've had it in a climate controlled garage door 11 years and drive it occasionally. Any chance it might be worth a lot (20k plus), or no?

  21. This car looks so masculine man , it's just awesome and unique.

  22. Haman Ahmed says:

    just replay this comment

  23. The Hemi; making chebbies and phords cry since 1953

  24. I'd say the last hemis made were in Australia in the late 70s, as the valinat died god help the 265 hemi XD

  25. fuzzy wuzzy says:


  26. Near my house in Italy there is a 1970 hemi Cuda 4 speed brend new in Italy with the km/h tac..ultra rare! In hemi orange!

  27. First

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