Mr. Regular Learns to Drive Off-Road

Mork is a great teacher!

43 thoughts on “Mr. Regular Learns to Drive Off-Road

  1. Matt Boads says:

    Haha the steering wheel makes the same sound as mine does.. squeak squeak..

  2. Aaron Ries says:

    I DON'T LIKE THIS. It's aggravating. You move so slow and go no where. Offroading wouldn't be for me.


  4. Tim Ritter says:

    you grew up in Pa and never learned to drive offroad… what?

  5. Mark is awesome. You guys need more videos together. He wants you to hammer it and is able to articulate the best approach to doing so without making you ask 100 questions. That's a beautiful thing.

  6. Xaines says:


  7. mykofalco says:

    +RegularCars this looks really fun! especially hearing you have fun let's me know what I'm missing out on off roading!

  8. Matt Joines says:

    That guy that taught you was so laid back. I didn't have anyone teach me I just learned on my own with a jeep yj with a very bad clutch lol

  9. GmJunky87 says:

    Video never fully captures how gnarly terrain can be. Good job.

  10. rubberwoody says:

    i dont get it, what is the point of off roading? go to the forest to drive a car then go back home. What is the goal? the destination?

  11. Ha! we finally saw Mr.Regulars face lol

  12. Ethanmeister says:

    It's like a whole 'nother element to driving I never really knew about. pretty cool.

  13. But I wanted to see you get over the ledge!

  14. br00ks says:

    that looked like fun!

  15. EJ R says:

    Seriously though…I enjoy the videos…


  17. Everyone that goes off-roading for the first time makes the same sounds of enjoyment. Such a fun first time experience. 

  18. Mork, I dig your rig. I got an '87 IFS Runner and take it off road. I have a single tcase with the 4.70 gears too. How do you like the twin stick setup? Also, from the video, sounds like your steering column needs to be greased cause mine makes the same sound when turning.

  19. I would think your name is Mr. Reviews.  

  20. His face is at 7:44

  21. Cole Platt says:

    7:43! But hardly…

  22. Having spent half of my life in village , I am used to drive a tractor ; and reducion gear , locking diff (IMT 533 is rear wheel drive only) , driving off road while hauling heavy load is very natural to me . 

  23. nissmopwer says:

    Awwww man I wanted to see you pull up outta that hole!!

  24. Brugernavn says:

    This looks like so much fun!

  25. Stingray says:

    Just admit you are the How To Basic guy!

  26. J says:

    "I'm not confident to do that"
    Well,  get confident. Lol anyone who's been offroading has been there :p

    Mork is a remarkable teacher though. Loved this car.

  27. So that's what you look like

  28. Cyberwast3 says:

    offroading is most fun that you can have with car in walking speed

  29. rexroth says:

    This. This is good.

  30. Kevin Smith says:

    hey dude you heading out to MOAB?

  31. Dale Wahl says:

    It's so awesome to see somebody off-roading for the first time and the surprise at what a good built vehicle can do

  32. Never actually seen real offroad on inside. That's one impressive machine.

  33. prof.scam says:

    RCR got a clean beard. 

  34. Does Mr. Regular hide his face from the owners of the cars that he reviews? Or do they swear to keep the secret till the grave?

  35. Alex R. says:

    Learning to Drive Off-Road: In which Mr. Regular turns on the windshield wipers. Repeatedly.

  36. sean c says:

    Goobers lol :-)

  37. animal900 says:

    This guy should be an instructor if he isn't already

  38. These things were waaaaaay ahead of their time. Gotta love em. Even old 80's Tercel 4×4 wagons had similar options. 

  39. CAElite says:

    MORK is a fantastic teacher with a great machine. Good on him, I hope Mr Regular gets to meet and introduce us to more fantastic people like this.

  40. agrippa1234 says:

    As a person who is (overly) protective while someone else is driving my car he really is a great teacher combining patience, just enough verbal cues to get you in the right direction and that confidence that can't help but make you feel more relaxed.  And, as I am a teacher by trade I know of which I speak….well done gentlemen

  41. It really does look like you are about to give Roman a Philadelphia mob send off with the bag over his head.

  42. Thomas McCoy says:

    who were you chasing through the forest?

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