Mustang 360 Week To Wicked – Mustang GT – Day 1 Recap

We’ve come to the end of Day 1 of the Continental Tire/Mustang360 “Week To Wicked” build. It was also a very productive day starting with the removal of the factory intake from our 2013 Mustang GT. After the build team removed the intake, they started the early stages of installing the Roush Performance Supercharger. Soon after that, the build team removed the upper and lower grills which will be replaced along with relocating the fog lights. This will make the front end aesthetically more attractive. The team then replaced the factory coils and spark plugs with products from E3 Spark Plugs in preparation for increased horsepower from the Supercharger.


  1. Post By kize32

    that engine is burning oil already, so supercharging is the only logical step forward

  2. Post By TeaTime Boy

    That’s not a mustang

  3. Post By Duck

    Doesn't white on a plug mean lean

  4. Post By wicked650s

    GOD I HATE THIS SERIES!!!! I want to like it. Can you PLEASE find new hosts?

  5. Post By L C

    why the fuck did you start with a detail?

  6. Post By Garageless

    Even when i finish my damn fiero build it wont get detailed smh details car first then starts wrenching who does that

  7. Post By bravofighter

    Wait, wait, hold up…you’re already burning oil on one cylinder, and rather than get fresh rings in it, we’re putting a blower on it? And we’re detailing the car BEFORE we start wrenching? Why on God’s green earth would we do that?

  8. Post By boppzoli

    In every video you have the volume of the music at a more higher level than the speak … :(Why don't you make videos with the same level of volume booth for the music and speak?Is is very frustrating when I listen to you and suddenly a music with the volume of much higher level comes in …. :(

  9. Post By Ramez jaimus

    Can’t wait for the next !

  10. Post By I changed My username

    lets hope the blower is good looking and a woman no gay shit.

  11. Post By TheDuckie78

    so these videos are just longer ads then?

  12. Post By Top 10 Content

    true to these: The paint should have been done last. Everyone has their hands on it after a cleaning. Very stupid.First thing I do when starting a build is always detail the car….why are they skipping over all the cool stuff and talking about boring spark plugs and shit

  13. Post By darkwaterblue

    No detail at all just a giant advert

  14. Post By Tvsteve .dawson

    Not strong is "weak"

  15. Post By Peshewa diy

    This is a sponsor car, not realistic at all. As soon as I saw the e3 glow plugs, I mean spark plugs, I knew this was all a sponsor hack bs build. Worthless.

  16. Post By Colyers

    Something about this doesn't sit right at all. It's just a big sponsored name drop spot.

  17. Post By Lord Hacker

    Need For Speed: The Movie :)

  18. Post By aconfusedazn

    Hate how loud the crappy music is. Can barely hear them talk.

  19. Post By Beaudoin Motorsports

    The detail was faster than the guy explaining it

  20. Post By alexander1485

    ….. they should have done this with a Mustang V6… v8 is fine stock.

  21. Post By Dominic Kirkwood

    I love it very good

  22. Post By Michael Norman

    Couple of problems I see: Day 1 Clean the car? Day 1.2: Change the cops and plugs? What is this a routine checkup? Day 1.2a: So 5 years and the cops need changing? Really?Day 1.3: Install supercharger w/ intercoolerDay 1.4: Recap!Why a newer Mustang? If this show caters to DIY garage guys then it should be an older car. Be realistic here – there are more guys with older cars than guys with newer cars. Not shitting on you prissy 5 year old car owners just saying that going from the 1966 Mustang to this 2013 Mustang they sort of skipped…everyone in between. I wanna see a pre-OBD car and watch the programmer guy throw his shit down and walk out :D

  23. Post By MrRawalex

    I have to wonder: If you are seeing oil residue on one of the plugs, and you have engine already at least partially torn down, wouldn't it be worth doing a proper rebuild? A little oil passing the rings isn't horrible, but when you start turning up the boost, a slightly wonky ring might end up being the one that takes out the whole engine.

  24. Post By cracklingice

    I'm guessing they intend to have this project done in 7 days or less.

  25. Post By cardesinr

    First thing I do when starting a build is always detail the car….

  26. Post By chris lawrence

    what a trash series. lets skip all the good stuff and just do a bunch of nonsense commercials for wax and spark plugs.

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