Mustang 360 Week To Wicked – Mustang GT – Day 2 Recap

Day 2 of our Continental Tire Week To Wicked build has come to an end. Travis Roffler, Director of Marketing for Continental Tire, stopped by to give us a breakdown of their new ExtremeContact Sport tires that we’re using. The build team then finished installing the ROUSH Performance Supercharger, cold air induction kit, the hydro dipped carbon fiber radiator cover and new hood struts from JLT Performance. The new upper/lower grilles and bumper cover goes back on the car after the installation of the oil cooler.

21 thoughts on “Mustang 360 Week To Wicked – Mustang GT – Day 2 Recap

  1. jade brown says:

    Sooo never going to show how it’s being built. Only talk about things that not about the car then say ok end of day two.

  2. His ending speech was so bad.

  3. DaBrute says:

    as a Mustang fan I was really excited when I saw this series but now I'm just disappointed.

  4. mishaari85 says:

    i like this show

  5. Don't Worry says:

    Who watches Engine Power on Saturdays?

  6. nFINITELooP says:

    Dodge these guys and give the car to Tony and Lucky

  7. Mikotiini says:

    What is this shit

  8. Motortrend has almost become a carbon copy of ESPN

  9. On a scale of 1-Wasted, how drunk is everyone? I think the narrator is the only one not slurring words

  10. begone30 says:

    Get rid of the dumb shenanigans and show work on the car

  11. You cant get me to like those new generation mustang even for a million free cash.

  12. Gi Sheppard says:

    only 5 min, this episode is way too short !!!

  13. Garageless says:

    This was worse than my content! And i dont even have ads lmfao

  14. Garageless says:

    Im just looking to make power before i need to worry about getting the power to the ground lmfao slow car struggles

  15. WTF????

  16. Richard - says:

    Could of made a interesting show and still plug or products, but you forgot the show.

  17. VolV8 says:

    Just stupid, inane fluff.

  18. Brodey Dover says:

    This is dumb, what is this??

  19. CHIEF says:

    You giving this out to me right ? It's my dream car simple yet clean

  20. theclubman says:

    pretty typical upgrades but they work well should be a fun car

  21. Panda Monium says:

    I can't wait for it to turn to shrapnel

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