MX5 vs Greyhound challenge – Top Gear – BBC

Richard Hammond test drives the Mazda MX5 in Ireland, and puts the car to the test with an unusual race against a greyhound at Shelbourne Park. Who will win? Man or dog? Watch this brilliant car review and race video in full and in hgih quality on the BBC Top Gear YouTube channel. Got to to see a full list of all high quality videos available on the Top Gear YouTube channel and don’t forget to visit for all the latest news and car reviews.


  1. Post By Miku Hat Gaming

    That way they are starting is what in speed skating we call a "Team Pursuit"

  2. Post By Celine foong

    Get the Subaru and rid out the greyhound

  3. Post By Nøderak

    Police Academy 5 was great

  4. Post By simon gaac

    A Subaru WRX could've gapped the dog's time…

  5. Post By Celine foong

    But you get the Subaru 4wd car

  6. Post By scott moore

    Except for the mazdaspeed turbo 2.0 liter

  7. Post By TrunkyCat

    My neighbours dog ran into my garden and started Ken Block drifting.

  8. Post By Caspar van Ommen

    LOL that discussion at the end is basically the car equivalent of TierZoo haha

  9. Post By Hazza


  10. Post By Fifthcell

    Damn that dogs hopped up on so much shit.Gotta love those dogs.

  11. Post By Optidorf

    I miss these quirky Top Gear videos.

  12. Post By Rens- 005

    When i'm older i Will buy my own mx5 as a my first car

  13. Post By medievalgirl002

    As the mummy of retired greyhound, I'm with the dog any day. Just hope that pretty girl enjoyed a happy retirement and wasn't shot or something.

  14. Post By CAElite

    I never enjoyed the mk3 if I am honest, my dad has a 2012 2.0 and it just doesn't feel like the old one, it just feels to built up, too much like a 'normal' car when compared to the NA and NB which both had that rattly go kart feel that made the 5 so famous. Not to mention the late model mk3s where pushing 1250kg over the NA/NBs ~1050kg

  15. Post By Makos93

    Why is there Splinter Cell Chaos Theory music in this? Awesome!

  16. Post By Jhesso Daypuyart

    A dog has more horse power than a car? Dog : 379 BHP

  17. Post By Max Rein

    The drawback to the mx-5 is that hyenas understeer. Classic top gear stuff this is.

  18. Post By loldood505

    i tot u meant the m8 greyhound

  19. Post By ElectricalNovice19

    Like a Spitfire? Triumph Spitfires are rear wheel drive.

  20. Post By nigel doman

    that dog was a horse

  21. Post By Donovan Campbell

    1:13 The reason most people didn't like it.

  22. Post By logan Random last name this is the Internet

    The best logic ever- oh wait this is normal

  23. Post By TenorCantusFirmus

    The discussion about the animals' driving wheels/limbs has made me laughing almost to madness :D :D .

  24. Post By Jy Jym

    the mx5 is a of rubbish driven by hair a tvr.

  25. Post By JustAnEngineer

    Top Gear be like, lets race a Range Rover against a piece of shit travelling through the plumbing system.

  26. Post By Keith Newton

    this is meant to be bigger car to the nbfl it replaced but the inferior is more cramp ! The boot is smaller . my crutches no longer fit in the boot so the mk3 or NC is so far.

  27. Post By Low Gunfire

    That discussion at the end is gold!

  28. Post By Nila95

    Best selling roadster because it's cheap so mid-lifers can afford it

  29. Post By Mr. Lince

    dog running is a big crime !

  30. Post By Qasim Mir

    Mazda MX-5, a great car, such a good idea and a great driver's car. Right, lets fire up the Honda S2000.

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