Nakai-San Creates a Rauh-Welt Porsche 911 LIVE at Studio — Part 3

Live feed upload of RWB founder and Porsche 911 tuning artist Nakai-San creating an RWB Porsche 911 at Studio in Brooklyn. PART 3.



  1. Post By maxbify

    godamit this is painful to watch. not only do japanese ppl kill dolphins, they also ruin awsome classic cars. so sad

  2. Post By gnarmarv2

    Filmed on a PairPod

  3. Post By LiveInBokeh dentist cinematographer

    bad quality video

  4. Post By scott walden

    This sux big ones. Even the camera guy sux.

  5. Post By Kwezzy

    Soo incredible. I appreciate you guys sharing this build. I always wanted to see how these were done. These kits are soo expensive.

  6. Post By Eric Martinez

    "tuning artist" ? He's so overrated..he is a body kit guy. I admit his cars look good from a distance, I like it, however, I don't know if they look good up close.

  7. Post By SHAWN T

    Porsche piece of shit

  8. Post By Stephen Wilkie

    who in hell brought that compressor long is of least not suitable for the job in hand not needed a much bigger compressor ie 3 horsepower 100 litre

  9. Post By Azian Godzilla

    i feel like at any moment that compressor would just shut off from cutting 1 fender.. lol

  10. Post By clc2328

    Who is this guy and why is it worthy of so much coverage?

  11. Post By GtstangLv

    Seems to be a lot of people in the background just dicking around and being a distraction.

  12. Post By Andres Garcia

    i see a lot of rust in the future of this car, no paint on the areas he has cut

  13. Post By christoffer1973

    Love the wheels. Dear to be diferent… give a shit about what other people says and think.

  14. Post By K Simpson

    15 minutes in and I can't watch anymore!

  15. Post By K Simpson

    I'm just guessing here but all of you graduated from Collage, am I right?

  16. Post By K Simpson

    Put the female connector to the hose! Then you will not lose all the air in the compressor every time you disconnect a tool!

  17. Post By Wesley C

    They'll keep it busy, yeh, they'll help them

  18. Post By Wesley C

    I saw Mr. Nakai on Need for Speed, such a celebrity

  19. Post By Wesley C

    These mechanics are looked awkward

  20. Post By Dmatic89

    is this place suppose to be a shop??? is this someones house with no tools, ohhh its a studio with no tools, you bring Nakai San to build a car with half ass stuff. He is a real Humble guy to not be mad lol. So many camera every where I would have been so bothered…

  21. Post By Rancid Shark

    you fucking idiots cannot figure out how to live stream and its killing you channel…

  22. Post By Scott I

    He's using what looks like wood screws on a beautiful class. Please stop promoting this hack!!!

  23. Post By Steven Park

    930 or 964?

  24. Post By Jackie N

    I love all the "builder" and "tuner" stuff… this fuckin guy chops up fenders and installs flares. He's not tuning or building fuck all. Its amazing that he's earned himself a cult following – I guess its because he seems to be a cool guy who just doesn't give a fuck? He's certainly no 'master' anything, especially not a builder. My guess is, he has a following because modern car culture is full of clueless hipster fucks.

  25. Post By djurre jetten

    i like the way nakai-san works but i would be so pissed off man . all these people just walking around and talking all the time and look .just take a look and let the man work his magic

  26. Post By Micky Owens

    What is the deal with the compressor man?? i dont understand what he is doing? its almost like its his personal unit and he does not want it abused or something :/ weird.

  27. Post By Marc H

    i feel deeply sorry for that car. couldnt he have butchered a honda civic or something ?

  28. Post By Ксюша Шамухамедова

    Накай сан♥

  29. Post By Ishan Subasinghe

    1hr 29mins to watch two guards get cut….. gtfo

  30. Post By 10482021 080253

    Prius > Porsche

  31. Post By thechosendude

    what did I just watch… err… fast forward through?

  32. Post By marshallegnor

    Lol at the comment section… He can build a car however he wants to. Your opinion holds no gravity to this man. I love Porsches and do not mind seeing a man with a clear artistic vision creating a beautiful work of art. "Another Porsche ruined" lol fucking nerds.

  33. Post By David Greene


  34. Post By walperstyle

    I want to know what happened to the RWB S15 Silvia. Where did it go, and how much to come to Canada and build me one?

  35. Post By charade993

    tune in tomorrow when we hope to get a compressor working…..

  36. Post By michael padgett

    How can i get flown around the world to install bodykits?

  37. Post By John

    Another 911 dead because of this asshole! He puts flared arched,LUDICROUS flared arches on 911`s and hacks them up in the process. Wow genius

  38. Post By ptriq

    I like how this man pisses people off.

  39. Post By illestFlavor

    Half of this video is just them fiddling with the compressor. Nakai is probably like FML this is going so slow.

  40. Post By Pasole Soup

    Is this a 964?

  41. Post By forealz18

    Enjoyable vid to watch. What's the estimated time on completion?

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