NEW Alpine A110: Better Than A Porsche Cayman? – Carfection

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Henry Catchpole takes an in-depth look at how the new Alpine A110 could really shake up the sportscar market.

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  1. Post By limpkit2011

    "driver involvement". No stick shift :/

  2. Post By Scott Sekiya

    wish they’d sell it in america but no one cares about renault here

  3. Post By Alan Hunt

    might have to get one of these then, so pleased to see Henry still around doing his thing, I have subscribed to EVO almost since its first edition and its just going down hill now, into regular auto mag world… when it started it was a breath of fresh air,  the lambo of auto journals it  didn't subscribe to averages. It was its own BRAND. Now almost all the old guard are gone… let's see if I can put down a deposit for this A110 in Australia… a TRUE EVO CAR…..!!!!  ECOTY was boring this year…. could have read that anywhere.

  4. Post By Julian Carr

    Fantastic work again Henry – love these films and an important narrative…

  5. Post By fauzi hassan

    Tin can

  6. Post By anotherone10

    This is by far the best review I've seen of the new A110, loved the technical detail

  7. Post By Mark Denyer

    Why are soo mamy people choosing the wrong gearbox these days?

  8. Post By efrain valladares

    I wish we can have this car in the U.S

  9. Post By Armin Petschelt

    What a beautiful video.

  10. Post By Todis51

    Damn, that made me all hot & sweaty.

  11. Post By A.

    Anyone know the music at the beginning?

  12. Post By Alina

    it looks like a lotus elise mixed with a subaru BRZ up front with a mazda RX8 rear window with lincoln mkc taillights

  13. Post By shai shammai

    What’s the name of the lovely road he is driving?

  14. Post By Kawai Chung

    Great video Henry! I remember you also reviewed the 981 Cayman GTS a few years ago and seemed to enjoy that as well. They seem to be similar cars so how would you compare it against the Alpine?

  15. Post By sephiros9883

    Henry is such an amazing reviewer… Amazing video, thank you Carfection!

  16. Post By James Hibbert

    Sounds amazing, but compared to the Porsche I wonder what the residuals and reliability will be like … boring items, but ones that need considering when spending that much money

  17. Post By janrdoh

    I bet Henry finds it really easy washing the roof of his cars.

  18. Post By JCrashB

    Very good. Only thing I'm missing are the titles of the soundtrack, namely the one at the beginning and the end.

  19. Post By Elhadji Amadou Johnson

    I thought 911 was the only road car with the engine in the rear. Well, now I know…

  20. Post By Mateen Nasim

    Great review and fabulous production too! Keep it up Henry and team! :)

  21. Post By Jason Gordon

    Another outstanding review Henry – thank you!

  22. Post By philj212

    what on earth were they thinking with those headlights???

  23. Post By Thomas Harrison-Lord

    So much want for this car right now, sublime.

  24. Post By Austin Clark

    "they've chosen driver involvement" – doesn't have a manual gearbox

  25. Post By Christopher Mutsvangwa

    your last statement is that not what other Mjournalists have said about the likes of the toyota GT86 /subaru brz sounds like you guys recycle your statements

  26. Post By Mikeado66

    Of all the A110 reviews doing the rounds, I was waiting for the Carfection one. I'm not disappointed! ;-)Although, I wonder how many times we've thought a car was a 'watershed' point where car makers put fun over figures. Didn't we think that in 2012 when the Toyobaru GTBRZ86 came out as well? It would be great if it a car such as the Alpine could put that sentiment back into the mainstream. I just wonder…

  27. Post By Dmitry L

    As a Cayman owner, yes it does seem better as a driver’s car…P.S. Production quality is amazing, thank you Carfection and Henry :)

  28. Post By Mr Marrow

    Fab video, as always!

  29. Post By Candyfloss

    To the Carfection team: your content is gold. Great cinematography, accurate viewpoints, solid reviewers. I only wish more people would view for videos. I think the thumbnails could use a spruce up. Instead of an outdated faded logo on the side, perhaps something more involving from in the video?

  30. Post By Robin Marples

    My actual dream car from a guy with a magane rs r26.

  31. Post By Michael Schneider

    +1. .. Nice review! Thank you

  32. Post By Darius Andrey

    Lovely thing

  33. Post By Clinton Li

    can't wait for the upcoming 718 cayman gt4

  34. Post By abracing199

    I love it but don't understand why they wouldn't give it an lsd?

  35. Post By 3ducs

    Sounding a lot like the Mazda MX-5 formula. It needs a six or seven speed stick shift though.

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