NEW Alpine A110: Better Than A Porsche Cayman? – Carfection

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Henry Catchpole takes an in-depth look at how the new Alpine A110 could really shake up the sportscar market.

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35 thoughts on “NEW Alpine A110: Better Than A Porsche Cayman? – Carfection

  1. limpkit2011 says:

    "driver involvement". No stick shift :/

  2. Scott Sekiya says:

    wish they’d sell it in america but no one cares about renault here

  3. Alan Hunt says:

    might have to get one of these then, so pleased to see Henry still around doing his thing, I have subscribed to EVO almost since its first edition and its just going down hill now, into regular auto mag world… when it started it was a breath of fresh air,  the lambo of auto journals it  didn't subscribe to averages. It was its own BRAND. Now almost all the old guard are gone… let's see if I can put down a deposit for this A110 in Australia… a TRUE EVO CAR…..!!!!  ECOTY was boring this year…. could have read that anywhere.

  4. Julian Carr says:

    Fantastic work again Henry – love these films and an important narrative…

  5. fauzi hassan says:

    Tin can

  6. anotherone10 says:

    This is by far the best review I've seen of the new A110, loved the technical detail

  7. Mark Denyer says:

    Why are soo mamy people choosing the wrong gearbox these days?

  8. I wish we can have this car in the U.S

  9. What a beautiful video.

  10. Todis51 says:

    Damn, that made me all hot & sweaty.

  11. A. says:

    Anyone know the music at the beginning?

  12. Alina says:

    it looks like a lotus elise mixed with a subaru BRZ up front with a mazda RX8 rear window with lincoln mkc taillights

  13. shai shammai says:

    What’s the name of the lovely road he is driving?

  14. Kawai Chung says:

    Great video Henry! I remember you also reviewed the 981 Cayman GTS a few years ago and seemed to enjoy that as well. They seem to be similar cars so how would you compare it against the Alpine?

  15. sephiros9883 says:

    Henry is such an amazing reviewer… Amazing video, thank you Carfection!

  16. Sounds amazing, but compared to the Porsche I wonder what the residuals and reliability will be like … boring items, but ones that need considering when spending that much money

  17. janrdoh says:

    I bet Henry finds it really easy washing the roof of his cars.

  18. JCrashB says:

    Very good. Only thing I'm missing are the titles of the soundtrack, namely the one at the beginning and the end.

  19. I thought 911 was the only road car with the engine in the rear. Well, now I know…

  20. Mateen Nasim says:

    Great review and fabulous production too! Keep it up Henry and team! :)

  21. Jason Gordon says:

    Another outstanding review Henry – thank you!

  22. philj212 says:

    what on earth were they thinking with those headlights???

  23. So much want for this car right now, sublime.

  24. Austin Clark says:

    "they've chosen driver involvement" – doesn't have a manual gearbox

  25. your last statement is that not what other Mjournalists have said about the likes of the toyota GT86 /subaru brz sounds like you guys recycle your statements

  26. Mikeado66 says:

    Of all the A110 reviews doing the rounds, I was waiting for the Carfection one. I'm not disappointed! ;-)

    Although, I wonder how many times we've thought a car was a 'watershed' point where car makers put fun over figures. Didn't we think that in 2012 when the Toyobaru GTBRZ86 came out as well? It would be great if it a car such as the Alpine could put that sentiment back into the mainstream. I just wonder…

  27. Dmitry L says:

    As a Cayman owner, yes it does seem better as a driver’s car…
    P.S. Production quality is amazing, thank you Carfection and Henry :)

  28. Mr Marrow says:

    Fab video, as always!

  29. Candyfloss says:

    To the Carfection team: your content is gold. Great cinematography, accurate viewpoints, solid reviewers. I only wish more people would view for videos. I think the thumbnails could use a spruce up. Instead of an outdated faded logo on the side, perhaps something more involving from in the video?

  30. My actual dream car from a guy with a magane rs r26.

  31. +1. .. Nice review! Thank you

  32. Lovely thing

  33. Clinton Li says:

    can't wait for the upcoming 718 cayman gt4

  34. abracing199 says:

    I love it but don't understand why they wouldn't give it an lsd?

  35. 3ducs says:

    Sounding a lot like the Mazda MX-5 formula. It needs a six or seven speed stick shift though.

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