New Cars Worth Buying, Or Just Looking At — AFTER/DRIVE

If you were going to buy a new car today – money’s no object, but don’t feel obligated to go supercar – what cars would you look at? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Post By Lloyd

    Donkervoort D8

  2. Post By Kyle Eby

    Focus ST. I test drove a 2012 and it was an absolute blast! Real quick but still very daily drivable and more or less practical.

  3. Post By Whiteplague

    Lotus Evora S. I <i>will</i> have one.

  4. Post By Carl Pobursky

    I must say the new BMW M4s and Audi RS5s would be on my top list if I wanted to buy a new car and had the money. I also like the 2015 GTRs as well as the Focus STs.

  5. Post By Gopher Yusef

    I'd have a hard choice between  Porsche 911 Carrera and a Corvette C7. Great performance under $80,000. Still a good amount of money but a bargain for driving pleasure. 

  6. Post By Justin Warner

    The Ford Fiesta ST. I like this car so much I bought one even after test driving the Ford Focus ST. It's smaller and more fun in the twisties and on the track. Traffic is more fun also…lol

  7. Post By reazy1515

    The new turbo m3/4 swweeet and the 3 is practical fun and decent on gas

  8. Post By Janusha

    The only way to go for future classics is Zonda, LaFerrari, Mclaren P1, some Aston Martins and certainly Bugatti. 

  9. Post By Diary Dom

    Just ordered a Mountune Fiesta ST. Not very expensive but so much fun.

  10. Post By Joshua

    2014 Subaru forester XT, 3.6R limited Subaru outback, 2015 WRX STI, ford fiesta ST

  11. Post By David S.

    Cadillac CTS V-Sport

  12. Post By Just Drive

    The 2014 F-Type R coupe. Already drove the V6S converti, it was perfect.

  13. Post By Zak Hill

    Fiesta ST or VW Scirocco (R)

  14. Post By J _38

    I'd take a Mazdaspeed 3 over a Focus ST. It's cheaper to buy, has more power to begin with and actually has a mechanical LSD unlike the gimmicky electronic open diff in the ST.

  15. Post By wedrive525it

    Just want to say no new BMWs unfortunately. Frs turbo or biturbo ? Looking forward to next v cars and isf

  16. Post By Charles Sweeney

    well I would have to say the Equus Bass 770, you have all the styling of the old muscle cars 60`s and 70`s, and all the new age pony cars I love today as well, all mixed in with a supercharged 640bhp 0-60 in 3.4s monster

  17. Post By Tyler Sorensen

    A 1M; if I could get ahold of a new one.

  18. Post By Themayseffect

    audi rs6 MTM

  19. Post By yogatriathlete

    BMW 1-Series M Coupe

  20. Post By Joseph Peoples

    Most of the new cars have too much plastic to suite me.  The heat cycles on todays cars make all the plastic too brittle.  There are a lot of cars that I would like to drive, but I would prefer a late 60's Chevelle with a modern drivetrain and suspension tweeks.  Having said that, I would consider the new Caddy CTS and XLs, the new Impala and Cheverolet SS, the 2015 Mustang when it gets here, the Taurus looks nice as well.  I like the looks of the Challenger, the Chrysler 300 and a lot of the high end German makes,  S class, 7 series, Audi 8's, etc.  But all being said, I would have to say if I had an unlimited budget, and it didn't have to be my only ride, I would have to go with the top tech of the Tesla S.

  21. Post By Fiftycalibur

    I'd say Stingray with the Z51 package. The only Japanese cars I would want aren't "new". 

  22. Post By Willie Finucane

    herpes dick

  23. Post By viperz888

    these presenters are shitwhere is chris harris

  24. Post By Ultrakillerism

    I for one would stick to get a V12 Vantage, got the chance to drive one and without doubt would love to own one.

  25. Post By Jan-Willem Eysink

    BMW M550d Touring. All the car you'll need (with a towbar, trailer and 996.2 GT3 RS, ofcourse).

  26. Post By WinkelManBearPig

    Idk why, but the new Dodge Dart has been in my head since the debut

  27. Post By ReLoad

    I kno this is stepping in towards super car territory but….Lotus Evora.

  28. Post By Famed Games

    The koenigsegg one:1

  29. Post By RaceProtocol

    Audi RS4 AvantBest car to keep you, your wife happy and your kids happy.

  30. Post By civoreb

    2013-14 Audi S6……0-60 in 3.7 secs…enough said, I am sold.

  31. Post By dt0818

    The new S63 AMG, because it's the supposedly going to be the last car with the M157 5.5L Biturbo engine. Plus, it has all the newest tech Mercedes has thought of. If money is no object, why not get the "best car in the world".

  32. Post By IgnaOxum


  33. Post By Henrik Stevn Nielsen

    Citroën C5 Tourer, with the 240hp diesel, automatic and the hydropneumatic suspension. Best long-distance car ever made. I don't want a race car for the street, I want comfort.

  34. Post By Jeeve Seventynine

    Every BMW that has an M in it, i prefer the M3.

  35. Post By LoveMyZJ

    Subaru BRZ, new Mazda 6 wagon.

  36. Post By Ethan Glozman

    2013 silverado 2500 diesel ltz

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