NEW Renault Megane RS: Is This Now The Best Looking Hot Hatch? – Carfection

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Previous Renault Sport Meganes have always been the best hot hatches for keen drivers. This new third generation adds four-wheel steering but also two extra doors. Henry Catchpole reviews both Sport Chassis and Cup Chassis variants on track and an amazing mountain road in Spain…

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  1. Post By Bong Lim

    Great review as ever The Civic Tupe R is still the hottest hatch for me A comparo review would be nice

  2. Post By ALEX Spotifyer MUSIC

    Yes its definitely one of the best looking hatch out there so far.. if not the absolutely best.If they only included a panorama glass roof or sunroof then this car would be a masterpiece.

  3. Post By ansaree97

    <3 <3 <3

  4. Post By Anthony Kelmann

    Pity it looks like an old Toyota Corolla hatchback….0…1c.1.64.psy-ab..0.2.384…0i7i30k1j0i8i7i30k1.0.DQlgqddeeuI#imgrc=4yyJkN1s-PJOIM:&spf=1519092819717

  5. Post By madant1977

    Best looking? Not in the slightest, just weird looking.

  6. Post By 0YouCanCallMeAl0

    Oh god the pain when that suspension breaks on you, as it will given it's a Renault…

  7. Post By HabbaDj

    @Carfection will you review the Polo GTI? :)

  8. Post By Amy Jean Ramsden

    Great review… Trophy soon please Renault!!!!!!!! Henry, you never mentioned whether or not the traction control can be turned fully off? VW are you listening??????

  9. Post By S M

    I hope they bring out a Trophy-R version with no back seats, no sound insulation, no stereo, no air conditioning, no sat nav, no rear windscreen wiper and pole position bucket seats that are real nut crunchers, the type that cut off your circulation every time you sit in them. The type of car that says no you're not allowed to sit in the passenger seat because your feet is where my fire extinguisher is and your arse is where my racing helmet is meant to sit. I'm not liking this new "practical" approach that Renault is taking with the new RS. Renault is only meant to tick two boxes in the hot hatch segment, that being price and performance, not practicality.

  10. Post By Iliescu Benyamin

    why are the buttons on the stereo on the right side in a french car ?

  11. Post By True Normality

    I love french hot hatches, they are always so different from the norm <3

  12. Post By David Bates

    Styling is not good at all

  13. Post By psynrg

    Yeah, we know how four fucking wheel steering works. Every fucking video…

  14. Post By queenform

    where's the Linkin Park guy?

  15. Post By jarekzr

    colored bullshit

  16. Post By azzwhupin

    5 doors dual clutch all whell steering,..this thing will be my new daily!

  17. Post By Robin J

    still 4 doors :(

  18. Post By Tarek Moghrabi

    Type R

  19. Post By Stone S

  20. Post By Volumex

    Where I live, the prices with oficial promotions are: 29.900 € for manual, 31.900 € for EDC and Chasis Cup as option for 1.700 €.Some rivals with official discounts and promos shows this prices in their webpages. Leon Cupra 31.600 €. Hyundai i30 N 250 hp 27.900 €. I30 N 275 hp Performance 32.000 €. 308 GTi 32.150 €. Golf Gti 230 hp, 34.900 €. Gti Performance 245 hp 37.000 €. Civic Type-R base 38.400 €. Type-R GT, Golf R or Focus RS, are over 40.000 €. Well, I think at least here in Spain this car is very competitive. What about other countries?. It's worth for the money?.

  21. Post By kolideoskope

    That is… quite possibly the ugliest car I’ve ever seen.

  22. Post By Gjp 85

    That thing looks ace

  23. Post By Buisang Ndlozi

    The high speed cornering is remarkable!

  24. Post By Joao Rodrigues

    Civic type r good bey baibys

  25. Post By kekeli bokor

    if only they made a 2 door

  26. Post By Mikeado66

    Great stuff.The summary made it seem like this is similar to the transition from 997 to 991 GT3 (manual gearbox or otherwise). More competent, slightly less pure, rear-steer agility.

  27. Post By LONcreeps

    This would be great if it had 4WD and about 100 more hp. Why bother with expenses such a 4 wheel steer yet not even have a bloody LSD. This thing is closer to a Fiesta ST than a Focus RS/S3/Golf R/140i. Real shame to have such a nice modern redesign and that mess it up where it's most important – the drivetrain.

  28. Post By TYGA909

    So pretty.

  29. Post By Doge with it

    Best looking hatchback ever.

  30. Post By Rafa el

    Why france can"t export cars to USA? Asia maphia say no?

  31. Post By Ali JCW

    Renault has nailed this in terms of styling, inside and out (although a little dash of colour on the interior wouldn't have gone amiss). I think this is my new favourite hot hatch.

  32. Post By Guy Dudley

    Another great video guys. Would be amazing to see some battles…. maybe vs a Golf R and a Civic Type R.

  33. Post By boštjan redek

    fantastic rewiew, fantastic car and very good design, bravo renault and bravo Henry

  34. Post By Steven James

    What is the obsession with alcantara, hate the bloody stuff.

  35. Post By HappyKiller

    boring car

  36. Post By Volumex

    Renault always bet for driving experience, agility, precision, sensations…. not dragsters with impressive quarter mile times, not ultra effective and railway guidded cars, not dramatic/tacky/overdesigned cars…. definitively, they make cars for driving, for drivers. This is the first version, the more affordable, demmanded and selling. The next 300 hp Trophy will be needed to beat some rivals in terms of lap times and acceleration, but the driving pleasure, fun and appealing, I think this new RS is the best option in the market even with "only" 280 hp. How powerfull are a Golf GTi, OPC, i30N, 308 GTi?. Leon Cupra with 20 hp (less than 10%) more is the only rival in the same level of price more powerful. Golf R, Type-R and Focus RS have much power, but they are in other level of price too.We must be happy for all the cars like this, I can't understand some critics.

  37. Post By jb gaud

    i'm in love

  38. Post By Younes Tennoussi

    I love this car

  39. Post By Andrea Sanai

    This Generation of hot hatches is looking terrible. And all of them are too big to be called hot hatches.

  40. Post By Victor Herrero

    Nice Video and nice car. It would be awesome a comparation against: Seat Leon Cupra, VW Golf GTI, Hyundai I30 N, Civic Type R and Peugeot 308 GTI. My take: Leon Cupra and this Renault Megane rs….

  41. Post By Ryan M

    I take great satisfaction in referring to this car as “Meg-hen”. I would buy one just to wear that joke out until friends refused to ride with me. If they’d bring it over to the US of course..

  42. Post By LeGoogle Chrome

    looks really are a subjective matter

  43. Post By Steven Barclay

    No, it's certainly no looker!

  44. Post By mavezy

    Looks amazing, might have to get one. Absolutely loved my Megane R26 until some idiot smashed into it while sitting at traffic lights.

  45. Post By hudson lucier

    Renault please come to canada and bring this car

  46. Post By zaaks hammer

    Maruti Suzuki already launched copycat in India "Baleno".

  47. Post By Siyanda Jola

    Can't wait to get my hands on the Trophy..

  48. Post By edmaluf

    Why not a 2 liter engine? Why?

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