NEW Top Gear Trailer – Series 25 – BBC

Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris and Rory Reid return to your screens very soon. Watch the trailer for the new series of Top Gear! Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos:

The Best of Series 24:
The Best of Series 23:
Chris Harris Drives:
Drag Races:

The brand new series of Top Gear TV is nearly upon us, and here’s a handy 60-second look at what we’ve got coming up.

There are the hottest new cars doing unseemly things to physics, including things like the new BMW M5, Alfa Stelvio SUV, Kia Stinger, McLaren 720S, Honda Civic Type R, Lexus LC and a trio of V8-powered super coupes, to name but a few.

Then there are the not-so-hot old cars, that actually do get quite hot. And perhaps break down. A bit.

There are bikes. There are horse boxes. There are drifts, jumps, a V8-engined Track-Tor that decimated another BBC programme (sorry about that), and the small matter of Chris in a flying car.

Sit back, turn it up and get ready!

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47 thoughts on “NEW Top Gear Trailer – Series 25 – BBC

  1. Justinator says:

    Instead of keep saying "oh its never like the old, but im impressed" why not enjoy two awesome car shows? We still have the old with TGT (kinda) and now we are getting a "new" (Although we already had a season with them) TopGear aswell, that looks really awesome!

  2. Hedge Films says:

    I do miss the old top gear with the good old presenters but I do like the new episodes. In the new episodes they need to build some things: e.g hover van , caravan train etc etcP.s make another nascar episode, please!!!

  3. What about Top Gear's Special?

  4. Evan Alary says:

    Who knows the music title ?

  5. Daniel Evans says:

    Its not old top gear, but that was a while ago and things change,  that was a special moment in tv, but this damn good (minus Chris, sorry Chris) and better than The Grand Tour! Looking forward to it!

  6. Teddy Watson says:

    nearby church win sink ring laboratory feel system uniform leaf cite.

  7. The world needs more car shows. Thank you!

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  9. Chris Harris needs to join Grand Tour !

  10. TheFory says:

    Top Gear is no longer, now is Grand Tour :) This so-called "Top Gear" is a new show of cars, but it looks good.

  11. The Grand Tour is better

  12. Sonic Ace 24 says:

    when will it coming?

  13. t casey says:

    its great to have this back, last season was an improvement on the previous season so hopefully the upward trend continues

  14. Really bored of GT! Prefer these guys almost entirely due to the fact that Chris Harris has more driving talent in his little toenail than Clarkson, Hammond and May have combined.

  15. Adderz says:

    Actually love this new series and hosts!!! Mat is a legend, Chris is hilarious and Rory is superb! Can't wait!

  16. Chris Harris is a dude… Followed him since Autocar, to Driver Republic to Evo to Drive to Chris Harris on Cars to TG….

  17. Yamazaki1923 says:

    excited for top gear UK again. hope its as good as it looks. what if Grand Tour and Top Gear UK were both good? Head Explodes

  18. raggandb says:

    When will the season start?

  19. Jason Parker says:

    CAMARO ZL1 1LE !!!!!!!

  20. Kenny Byerly says:

    New Top Gear (post Chris Evans) > Old Top Gear / Grand Tour

  21. the horse is dead….stop flogging it.

  22. Kharisma A. says:

    Face it guys… top gear will never be the same again

  23. Looks great!!! Hopefully they will include a few DIY projects and adventure challenges in this season. The grand tour in my opinion is also struggling. It's become a highly scripted show full of money to waste. Their episodes on car motoring history are a great idea though. Top gear was all about convincing the audience that cars are more than just metal but actually have a soul. Likewise, the adventures they used to have made the emotions between the presenters and between the cars and their drivers feel authentic. It would be great to see them build or modify their cars and then go on an adventure, where the love of their cars can be seen without the need to script it.

  24. Chef Mike says:

    The only funny part was when that one dude got pushed into the wall and fell over.

  25. can't wait!

  26. I’m not prepared to pay to watch the grand tour so will get back into top gear as I do like Harris

  27. Looks good

  28. Nardo Vogt says:

    I must say I am looking forward to this. The second season of Grand Tours has settled too early in a fixed procedure. I am missing the special bits and pieces. Perhaps the new Top Gear can do that.

  29. TonyGames says:


  30. I’m so excited for this! The last season was a tremendous improvement, honestly if you don’t enjoy it don’t watch it – some of us here still appreciate and love this show!

  31. Tai Jay says:

    Chris Harris is truly my favorite car journalist. Harris Monkey will keep them on track!

  32. Bernard says:

    Looking good, the combination of presenters was fixed the moment that little weird carrot top resigned.

  33. Noel says:

    Who even watches this shit?
    No car show is a proper car show without the three 'blithering idiots' we all love

  34. LeBlanc should stay on

  35. 전성주 says:

    why bother?

  36. They're trying too hard plus this season's The Grand Tour is really good

  37. kvot3 says:

    rory guy needs to go

  38. chris j says:

    Why hasn't TGT or TG reviewed cars like the Lamborghini Centenario or the Koenigsegg Ageura RS? These are proper fantasy hyper cars that you would love to see the guys from TGT and TG drive.

  39. Jack Hudson says:

    Last season was really disappointing… Please let this be a better one.

  40. Marko Mravak says:

    I actually like this setup. It's different, and still fun

  41. Adil Adilov says:


  42. egdt157 says:

    that is not top gear any more! political correctness first, plssss…

  43. Quan Scott says:

    i don·t like this!!

  44. What? Stinger? Veryyyyyy niceeee

  45. op3l says:

    I'm actually enjoying the new top gear after Chris Evans left. I mean Matt and co still have some odd bits in the studio, but the film parts they're absolutely fun to watch(especially Chris Harris.) I don't care too much for the other guy but that's only cause his comedy style doesn't tickle my fancy, but he's ok enough for me to not want to skip his segment. Also, yea, 2 shows now about cars that people can enjoy, what's to complain about?!

  46. The last series was surprisingly good, I hope they keep it up.

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