Nissan GTR: Speed Devil (HQ) – Top Gear – BBC

Jeremy visits the Fuji race circuit in Japan to review the car that is faster than the bullet train, the Nissan GTR. Clip taken from series 11, episode 5.

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  1. Post By Œskblad

    2:38 I'll LMAO whenever ricers are able to afford this and get rid of that wing, like they do on Supras. Lolol

  2. Post By Neptune Effect

    Staggering engineering but has a fanbase that gives you cancer .

  3. Post By ShiroiKage009

    Why is the music different from the original clip?

  4. Post By DK Gaming

    why did the guy in the lawn mower run for his life?

  5. Post By Buck Buck

    heres my beef.its not a good-looking car

  6. Post By Johnny F. Good

    HiAce Ambulance :)

  7. Post By Rahim Noumeri

    I want a car that breaks my neck

  8. Post By Michele Cozzarin

    I'd buy this car just to experience what the launch control feels like

  9. Post By Lucien Milner

    Speed devil my ass.

  10. Post By Kilo

    all you pay for is powertrain. the rest of the car is a limited edition altima coupe interior. such trash, and the hood flying off is a more common problem then people like lol

  11. Post By dave runner

    And I thought my 83 280 zx was quick……

  12. Post By SKULLS

    LOL! Snapped his neck on a corner….go go Godzilla!!

  13. Post By Javier Rangel

    What's the song on 2:15

  14. Post By Ian Janane

    hahaha Clarkson is too funny! that tickled me

  15. Post By Kobe Khan

    the only non-supercar to move the game on dynamically, a very good representative of what the car as an entity has come to in the 21st century

  16. Post By Emils Sinkevics

    That car is cool

  17. Post By Brian Heiden

    Eye infection neck went out and this guy is on the way out lol.

  18. Post By Mohamud Mohamud

    """ G O D Z I L L A """ R U L E S ………………………. All the WAY!!!!!!!!

  19. Post By G Strong Films

    This car is DEADLY in turns if it hurts a guys neck forget it because i aint geeting a neck injury

  20. Post By G Strong Films

    I love this car i love every skyline since the R 33 My passion is all about Skylines

  21. Post By da bij

    This was kind of scary

  22. Post By 6runkM3d1c

    480p does not HQ make…

  23. Post By Owened

    Thats kinda creepy that the car tracks where you are and inhibits the speed….RIP touge drift racing

  24. Post By JRT313

    The guy mowing was even called to rescue!!

  25. Post By Nino Hering

    The most overrated car ever

  26. Post By jonathan cortez

    in a straight line yeah it s the best gtr!!!it feels like being launched into space!

  27. Post By jonathan cortez

    it s a dummy savage and gives you only one way to turn the corners!!!! i dont like it .i preffer an evo 10 like car or even some corvette zo6 or c7 even a dodge hellcat srt or a caaro ss.

  28. Post By jonathan cortez

    problem with the car it s that its very heavy for its power so it drifts a hell of a lot.that also damages the tires fast and easily.

  29. Post By jonathan cortez

    the car drifts!!!!it like if its made to turn frontly all the time it s a strange turning the corners concept!!!thats need a lot of energy from the car, dinamic and structural resistence a lot!!!

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