Operation Vagabond Falcon: Part 15

The engine goes in!

39 thoughts on “Operation Vagabond Falcon: Part 15

  1. Inner G says:

    Good enough for pack mules good enough for me

  2. Stuart W says:

    Engine bay looks pretty sexy with that 302 in there.

  3. tloh says:


  4. Can you please tell me, what brand and type are those motor mounts. I have just purchased an IFS kit but have wrong mounts, thanks

  5. Godfrey Poon says:

    When you drop an engine in… you risk bending the crossmember and ruining your oil pan.

  6. theE4man says:

    i was being a bitch about these not being car reviews but dammit, now i cant get enough.

  7. MrSlowestD16 says:

    It's so cramped? Have you seen engine bays today!? lol. Sure, it was snug between those shock towers stock, but that's still nothing compared to the packaging of engines today. Also gotta remember that they don't exactly put them in there with the intent of making them easy to take out.

  8. Nick B says:

    You're going to cut our your hump, your hump, your lovely lady lumps?

  9. Jack Kiroac says:

    Wow it is as if you shoehorned a cadillac through a dog door! good gracious nice job!

  10. Kylo Ren says:

    How much power the engine make?

  11. stinkbandit says:

    A Windsor block inside a Ford Falcon is like a Women with tiny hands holding your penis. "It looks beefy!"

  12. rompn4x says:

    You gotta love the dimensions of the Windsor block. Imagine trying to shoehorn a Cleveland or a Modular/Coyote into that engine bay. That 302 looks really clean. Good job!

  13. Erik _ says:

    do a w202 c230!

  14. Topen Lamp says:

    caar reeveeeews

  15. jonnda says:

    Well… If the air cleaner doesn't clear the hood- Hood scoop time.


  17. ap2pat says:

    coming along!

  18. hey thompson do the original beetle already.

  19. reviews are entertaining but honestly think I like the falcon videos better.

  20. The Esseboy says:

    Is that a museum car project? I haven`t seen Carburators for atleast 30 years now!

  21. Zan Stuart says:

    I noticed that you may be in the Northern Virginia area. I live in the Richmond area, would you be interested in reviewing a 1986 Chevy Square body pickup?

  22. I drop em' in.

  23. Noor Elahi says:

    It's a shame that the car reviews didn't work out. They used to be really, really good. They kinda went down hill at the end and in retrospect I can see why you changed format. I tried watching a couple of your hot rod build videos and it just isn't for me. Oh well, if the reviews didn't pay the bills who am I to complain? No hard feelings and I sincerely wish you and your production staff the best of luck! Here's hoping Discovery Networks pick you guys up! I think you have a real chance of making it on cable!

  24. A Rochester on a FORD!? isn't that a sin or something?

  25. Jesse Sosa says:

    U should review a Dodge Charger sometime ….

  26. Tripp Whiman says:

    I know you did a 2014 Malibu, but please consider doing a review on my 03 Malibu. It's the epitome of "regular"

  27. Tripp Whiman says:

    I know you did a 2014 Malibu, but please consider doing a review on my 03 Malibu. It's the epitome of "regular"

  28. I wonder if Ford cast a special block for early Falcon Sprints like Chevrolet did for the V8 Chevy II. I know one of the main differences is that Fords of that time were front sump whereas the Fox and Panther bodied cars of the 70's and 80's were all rear/dual sump, like I think the early Broncos were. This means the engines would probably have been mounted forward of the front axle centerline and might have used a shorter accessory drive. Also, if memory serves, later first gen Falcons had a convex grille, so perhaps they moved the core support forwards to allow for the radiator. Oh, and one more thing: I remember reading about 25 years ago that early Windsors used a different bellhousing bolt pattern than later ones did. Perhaps this allowed for a smaller flywheel or flexplate for either the Dagenham 4 speed trans or FMX automatic.

  29. vector6977 says:

    Sunbeam Tigers has two fans on the front side of the radiator too. Honestly pushers work more efficiently, plenty of cool air to pull in the fan motors themselves stay nice and cool. Even the Harley V-Rod has a fan behind the shroud pulling air into the fighter jet like ducts.

  30. 559noob says:

    Mr.Regular, this is very off topic from your video, but did you ever participate in drum corps? I've heard you mention it a few times.

  31. bbhdrtuvjg says:

    going through regular car reviews withdrawal… I need a substitution in the mean time

  32. Everyone cries about this replacing reviews but I really like this series. Much more calming and therapeutic, kind of like the calm before the storm

  33. The way you say "room" brought back memories of my ex-girlfriend from Pennsylvania. Great.

  34. Tyler Dickey says:

    I'm excited to see those AC Cobra fans!

  35. Basil says:

    Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy

  36. We don't have rum!

  37. ccubsfan94 says:

    Man, there doesn't look like much ruem.

  38. Uhhhh Yeah that feeling when you put that big thing somewhere tight….. I'm talking about the engine of course…

  39. Today we get to see Mr. Regular's face again, he looks… Almost Cool.

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