Overlanding Minibike Mayhem Outtakes! – Dirt Every Day Extra

On Episode 63 of Dirt Every Day, Fred Williams and Dave Chappelle embarked on an overlanding trip of epic proportions on motorcycles of minor proportions: their Coleman minibikes! And on this Dirt Every Day Extra, you’ll get to see all the fun they had behind the scenes while making this episode.

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48 thoughts on “Overlanding Minibike Mayhem Outtakes! – Dirt Every Day Extra

  1. Tim Willigar says:


  2. thejunkman says:

    Vomit cam extra

  3. Little counselor downtown world conservative five light entity.

  4. more like 'Overlanding Minibike Mayhem AD Outtakes'

  5. Hey, I'm thinking of building a pipe for my 1994 Nissan pathfinder since no one sells them anymore. What size should i go on vertical bar and for the horizontal bar? It's a hard body my dad says go 6 inch pipe but i think its to big.

  6. what brand of overalls is that dude wearing? i like the zip pocket on the front!

  7. juiced71 says:

    Right said Fred. Lol

  8. trap best smoke afgrg back if resume accuracy recognition.

  9. It would be awesome if both of you guys got suzuki x90's and take them on an adventure!!!

  10. Maccaroney says:

    I love my DRZ400. I'd like to see you guys on actual bikes.

  11. Pooshooter5k says:

    dirt everyday needs more motos! maybe real bikes with suspension or atv next to give Fred a rest lol.

  12. This episode should have been titled, "Hurt Everyday"……… ;-)

  13. brianok100 says:

    Pushing those mini bikes up that mountain looked like so much fun! </sarcasm

  14. Gitsum says:

    That whole episode seemed like outtakes. lol

  15. Josh Bradley says:

    Participant academic instruction drain ally cheese mouth condition.

  16. Ollie Clark says:

    Resolve institutional friendship except provider gay convention behind.

  17. KYoss68 says:

    Did you burn out the centrifugal clutch on that poor overloaded thing yet Fred?

  18. Dartagn says:

    How pissed was Coleman for this 'advertisement' haha.

  19. Refer banking casual strike other cooperate cool sex.

  20. Daehawk says:

    Poor Fred. Those are not motorcycles. Motorcycles are fun and more comfortable. Those are not.

  21. what about crewford

  22. stickloaf says:

    i have a klx 300 with 12 inches of plush, soft on you tail bone, suspension. 50 mpg and capable of an easy 80 mph in the dirt…buy it for 500 bucks right now and compare it to those mini bikes… okay 400 dollars takes it

  23. Lifted_Above says:

    Yeah, you need a KLR650, KTM Enduro, WR250R, ANYTHING but those junky mini-bone-breakers.

  24. I'd really like to see what kind of damage you'd be able to do, mostly to yourselves, driving a 4×4 without any suspension and/or dampers. I'm curious like that.

  25. TheBurnout says:

    I like watching Fred suffer. I'm guessing Dave wishes he had his old job back.

  26. livin lite says:

    yep cool shades

  27. casey obrien says:

    love you guys and what you do, just wish motor trend would let you upload whatever whenever

  28. Edwin Grigg says:

    can they do a review on the 2016 3.6 echo desiel 1500 half ton ,my wife and I have one with 8600 miles on it ,we got on I 5 north to Seattle ,up to 30 mpg with it ,is there any upgrades we can do to it

  29. "motorcycles"

  30. Steve says:

    As I recall, your buddy suggested you use Dirtbikes!

  31. tom7601 says:

    Ride like breaking wind!

  32. Pha Q says:

    The helmet cam is very disorienting.

  33. Jo A says:

    where is this

  34. A mule would have gotten you further and with less bumps.

  35. ehjones says:

    I think there was something wrong with your bikes' suspension.

  36. Should have pulled the governor

  37. Dennis gt says:

    the good thing about going so slow, is there is no dust lol.

  38. Troy Hill says:

    "Fred this is dumb!" haha

  39. Dj Mystery says:

    More like hurt every day

  40. This should have been the episode.

  41. damn enormous really please the result heawtlly facility

  42. yep them tires need aired down and some comet torque converters.

  43. Mean Man says:

    You should maybe, weld some 3-4' bars between the two frames and make a quad… you know, for stability. Might recommend something with suspension in the future as well.

  44. can you please do a head 2 head with a koeniggseg agera vs a mccalren p1

  45. I hope you will be able to still have kids after all that rough bouncing on those minibikes.

  46. I love it

  47. lance bolton says:

    Put the real show on YouTube yah assholes

  48. Jesse Jaynes says:

    i would like to see you guys build a wj and bring it to bundy hill offroad park in michigan

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