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Pagani’s latest creation has made its way to the Geneva Motor Show. It’s called the Huayra BC and it’s very, very cool.

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45 thoughts on “Pagani Huayra BC: The Hottest Huayra – Carfection

  1. Alex K. says:

    Sounds like a ripoff. The Chiron is going to cost about the same but with twice the power and it will be faster in everything.

  2. Suyesh Singh says:

    DO IT DO IT DO IT – Richard Hammond

  3. decleanz says:

    i have one issue with this piece, 'hot' is a word one uses to describe a hatchback somebody lazily chucked a turbo into in order to sell units… the huayra BC is on FIRE

  4. Paul S. says:

    This Bloke needs to be on New Top Gear!
    Preferably instead of Sabine, she's an awful presenter, even in German. But this guy is absolutely brilliant at presenting I find and very pleasant to listen to.

  5. Paul S. says:

    This Bloke needs to be on New Top Gear!
    Preferably instead of Sabine, she's an awful presenter, even in German. But this guy is absolutely brilliant at presenting I find and very pleasant to listen to.

  6. roger robie says:

    "ever so slightly" hahahahha, why did you say it like that Alex

  7. shimy333 says:

    one of the few ridiculously priced cars that "might be" worth it…

  8. insioni says:

    Is there any car at all that is not sold out

  9. Those springs in the gearbox is porn

    This video should be censored!

  10. LocoRolo says:

    This guy reminds me of Richard Hammond

  11. jeebus2121 says:

    1:02, is that Metcalfe in the background?

  12. Is Pagani Had a power train in line with the competition (1500bhp) it will no doubt be the fastest and best handling car.

  13. P D says:

    Im not a fan of pagani exterior design but the performance is just amazing

  14. DtRockstar1 says:

    Personally I like this car better than the original Huayra. I always thought the Huayra looked strange, and this car adds a few bits that bring out some of its Zonda roots.

  15. Nick says:

    There's literally no denying that the BC is a beautiful car. I think it's really quite something to behold. That said, I think I prefer the regular Huayra because it's just so much cleaner.
    Either way, bravo Pagani

  16. Dmitry L says:

    I like how they made special holes in the seats to accommodate the balls of anyone how is going to drive the car to its full potential

  17. K. C. says:

    Putting the name of a living man… How generous.

  18. Dino Chavez says:


  19. Tung Vu says:

    it's a tuner's car but then it's so close to being to a ricer but for some reason I love it so much

  20. It's a gorgeous car. Oh forgive me automobili.

  21. hamwenzu2000 says:

    Did no one else notice Harry (From Evo Diaries & Harry's Garage) in the background at the beginning behind the Huayra?

  22. PJ J says:

    this fucking hyper car is ugly.

  23. Bambataa says:

    You nailed man. They really do create art and I'd love to be able to afford one someday.

  24. Kratos2591 says:

    2 million pounds…holy shit.

  25. +Harry's garage Harry Metcalfe in the background at 1:05

  26. If you want one, its over 2M €… but you can't have one because they are all sold!

  27. I've heard most the facts 2 years back!!
    Good morning Carfection.

  28. Dacrazy-can says:

    all its left to do is an hybrid pagani to compete with the 918 p1 and laferrari

  29. I was disappointed with the performance for a claimed "hypercar" but after seeing the bare carbon fibre version in person all opened up, I was impressed. Videos don't do it justice, it's really something to see all those detailed parts in person.

  30. I Think this is the most beautiful car in the world

  31. LeoVomend says:

    love the huayra, not my favourite example of one tbh, would rather have the one of 1 or the regera

  32. Blue interior just like alejandro's huayra 730s edition.Awesome!

  33. Fin Corlett says:

    so so so so so sooooooo Ugly!

  34. Master piece!!!!

  35. There are supercars, hypercars and Pagani's…

  36. W-James says:

    Pagani Huayra BC vs Koenigsegg Agera R vs McLaren P1 vs LaFerrari vs Bugatti Chiron vs Porsche 918

    Salomondrin, pls make it happen?

  37. If you want one you can't, they're all sold out. Why awesome things always sold out?!

  38. KJGaming1034 says:

    It's gorgeous

  39. eins says:

    I prefer the Zonda Cinque. The Huayra BC is a great car but it's not "hardcore" enough

  40. JackSwatman says:

    watching all these new cars, I just feel sorry for valeters, so many vents and hard to reach places haha

  41. Cep Network says:

    baru ingat nak beli sebiji dah sold out..hurm

  42. Hey guys, I filmed the M4 DTM champion edition, check it out on my channel! Let me know if you like the video :)

  43. I think there is a lot of us who prefer this over Chiron

  44. KaneDesigns says:

    Pagani still putting in that work. Unlike Lamborghini adding body kits from GTA5…

  45. This thing must feel so visceral, and raw to drive. It's exactly what I look for in a car

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