Pagani Huayra on the road- evo magazine video diary

When the first Pagani Huayra made its appearance at a meet for Pagani owners, evo’s Harry Metcalfe was there to take a ride.

The new Pagani Huayra is one of the most eagerly awaited supercars with the promise of 720bhp from its mid-mounted 6.0-litre twin-turbocharged engine – enough power to blast it to an estimated 235mph top speed.

Our man Harry Metcalfe got a chance to see the Huayra up close at an event for Pagani owners in Sardinia – there are some advantages to having a Zonda in the garage.

Read the Pagani Zonda 760RS article:

Watch Bugaati Veyron Vitesse vs Pagani Huayra:

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  1. Post By Kevin Neal

    Capt. HP was all like "you ready to take off?"

  2. Post By soham roy

    All pagani s have so bad visibility.even lambos seem like mclaren to this eye level dashboard.

  3. Post By Bad_Bunny_Bites_You

    fucking old mans with money

  4. Post By Albert Big Pink Fan

    Very nice handling around corners!

  5. Post By Damager Dark

    онанизм какой-то короче))

  6. Post By Seb Smith

    car is ok imo, old rich guys driving though :L not great

  7. Post By Tatjana Vejnovic

    This is quite literally my favorite video on the Huayra.

  8. Post By Stacey McGrath

    F@ckin awful car!

  9. Post By jayaybe1

    Sounds like my Hoover.

  10. Post By jonacds

    Alejandro Morales you are idiot, he is from Argentina not EE UU, Stupid.

  11. Post By Alejandro Morales

    Idiot can't pronounce anything right. He also needs to get his facts straight.

  12. Post By porfyrus1

    what a beast! my god!

  13. Post By MCBackDraft1

    I don't think that interior would ever stop stunning you when you got in


    ill trade you my for ford focus its a hybrid, white people live hybrids

  15. Post By Andrew Lowery

    A moving piece of art, You should just change those tires out for some good old maple wood frames;)

  16. Post By Mrdean568

    I wish all old people drove like this. 8-) 

  17. Post By Lee Smith

    Love the sound of the straight cut gearbox, also the whole exposed gear linkage is amazing. Such a cool car!

  18. Post By DaLeadBull

    The thing that separates this from other hyper cars is the interior!

  19. Post By Ender1770

    I have never seen an interior with such old school-ish design. i love it so much. #mustangsarecool  

  20. Post By Matt Canipe

    Beautifully crafted car.

  21. Post By Leonel Agramonte

    Is another Horacio Pagani. A Soccer ancor in Argentina

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