Pagani Zonda 73 C12 S Part 2

10 thoughts on “Pagani Zonda 73 C12 S Part 2

  1. Duncan Bleak says:

    Both part1 and 2 give magnificent insight. Thanks!

  2. Don Kiddick says:

    I've had a little spillage…

  3. I enjoy watching all these videos but with the ever increasing horsepower in everything from a hot hatch upwards the cars just invite highly illegal speeds in order for the driver to feel 'challenged' and to really enjoy driving them. I'd also add that if I had that kind of money at my disposal I'd feel a tad guilty that it would feed and clothe a lot of the unfortunate in society.

  4. Ross Enzo says:

    "It's my bloody farm as well"

  5. Pirrelli8 says:

    Harry, knock it off. That piece of shit could never duel with an Enzo!

  6. Ping Wong says:

    I'm jealous.
    And always will be.

  7. Nice car

  8. Thank you very much for sharing, you're the best!

  9. Very nice two part review. Thank you Harry.

  10. Still one of the best Evo vids you did Harry. Any plans to give us an update on the new channel?

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