Pagani Zonda 760RS Exclusive Bonus Footage


  1. Post By MiataBRG

    From the look on his face that must have been properly fast!

  2. Post By warak anda

    hi harry, you are awesome. if you happen to have any model of pagani offer for sale, please don't hesitate to drop a note at my email:

  3. Post By Marco Samec

    Grande Davidone!

  4. Post By im Shax

    It just kept coming! Insane cars!

  5. Post By Robert Mintun

    Harry seems like such a down-to-earth guy!  I'm so glad he started his YouTube channel.  The best ingredient about his videos are all of the wonderful and interesting details about the cars he reviews.  Dare I say, he has a slight edge on Top Gear.

  6. Post By sugarsaint

    That's a proper Super Car aka absolutely terrifying What does it rev too considering it;s a V12? 

  7. Post By Sanandan Kinkar

    The guy from Pagani is so happy, he's probably thinking "life's great".

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