Pagani Zonda 760RS Exclusive Bonus Footage

7 thoughts on “Pagani Zonda 760RS Exclusive Bonus Footage

  1. MiataBRG says:

    From the look on his face that must have been properly fast!

  2. warak anda says:

    hi harry, you are awesome. if you happen to have any model of pagani offer for sale, please don't hesitate to drop a note at my email:

  3. Marco Samec says:

    Grande Davidone!

  4. im Shax says:

    It just kept coming! Insane cars!

  5. Harry seems like such a down-to-earth guy!  I'm so glad he started his YouTube channel.  The best ingredient about his videos are all of the wonderful and interesting details about the cars he reviews.  Dare I say, he has a slight edge on Top Gear.

  6. sugarsaint says:

    That's a proper Super Car aka absolutely terrifying 

    What does it rev too considering it;s a V12? 

  7. The guy from Pagani is so happy, he's probably thinking "life's great".

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