Paint Correction on 1958 Porsche Speedster – /DRIVE CLEAN

Paint correction is one of the most difficult—and most satisfying—detailing skills to master. In this episode, we show how to restore paint that’s been damaged as a result of poor washing habits. The techniques we review can be performed by anyone with a dual-action polisher and microfiber-cutting pad (as microfiber pads are extremely safe, even for novice detailers). We also review scratches on the microscopic level and illustrate how abrasives work to remove or diminish paint scratches and imperfections.

For a step-by-step PDF and product guide, visit us at If you have questions about this technique—or have other detailing questions—hit us up at


  1. Post By Eithel Rotschild

    What a pleasant voice you have, I love listening and watching your videos.

  2. Post By Darkstarr One

    Oh my god, this video is a detailer's dream come through! I watched countless detailing videos and let me tell you, this one is by VERY FAR, THE BEST!!!!good job to everyone involved

  3. Post By Genaro Alvarenga

    once again amazing finish how do you do that car looks like more than porsche

  4. Post By basje1

    Finally a good, to the point video on how it all works!

  5. Post By Daniel Bennett

    The best video Larry has ever made. What a great guy.


    Hi, First of all, you could say he did an excellent video showing us advice and details.I have a curiosity, during the process, how many times did you wash the car?Regards,

  7. Post By Sonny Nguyen

    Thanks Larry. I've learnt so much from this video.

  8. Post By Francisco Berumen

    was this video made before the rupes came on to the scene?

  9. Post By icYHal

    Doesn't the dishsoap start degrading the clay bar as well?

  10. Post By Greg Shepheard

    don't ever use dish soap on paint! bleaching agents will stain the surface. obviously this guy knows what he's doing..

  11. Post By Chris Bou

    How do you compound, polish, and wax the paint in between the emblems ?

  12. Post By NissanAltima2005


  13. Post By thelandofmisteroz

    What a SWEET car! Great job!

  14. Post By Captain Canuck

    Very well explained……answered most of my questions.

  15. Post By Javier Said López Buitrón

    Congrats Larry amazing job!!!

  16. Post By K.J. G.

    Great video, very helpful. Will you ever be doing a video on paint correction then adding a ceramic product like opti coat? I would love to DIY it myself, but I am a little apprehensive…

  17. Post By Robert DIY

    Very nice results. I did a good job on my black car before I watched this video. Very nice.

  18. Post By Ctyler93

    The only product that I've seen with numbers representing the abrasives is menzerna anyone wanna help me with this one?

  19. Post By Edwin Duran

    Can you apply the carnauba wax with a Porter cable ?

  20. Post By nikniklo

    Wow! Outstanding video! I learned so much! Thanks Larry!

  21. Post By The Low Headroom Shop

    Nice product, but its NOT a speedster :-)

  22. Post By T. D.

    Why show the car in such a dark garage, surely it would be better to show it in a bright area……..the black and white video at the end was shit

  23. Post By Jason Schauer

    Spectacular job. Looks out of this world when he finishes.

  24. Post By mrelvisp100

    So is the paint hard or soft?? it didn't get explanet as promised :/

  25. Post By Mo McCo

    This guy! Restoration artist? Preservist more like :) Love watching this stuff!

  26. Post By DJ4C0B

    Dat shine

  27. Post By hansel027

    thank you for sharing your knowledge on polishing! iv'e learn alot. 

  28. Post By Splitclaw

    Man I wish I had seen your videos before I washed my car with a new paint job, it has been one week and I already put fine swirls on it.

  29. Post By Alfred Munkenbeck

    Now I want to respray my Citroen 2cv in black. This is going to be expensive…

  30. Post By Mike Cunningham

    Excellent video!  For what  I learned I'm very thankful and will have for future use on my vintage cars.  I loved the gadgets and I'm impressed at their importance in having the best finish possible. I've owned three 356 porsches, one coupe and two convertibles. I mean no disrespect but the black car is a cabriolet NOT a speedster. They are both 356A but different cars.  Many Thanks.

  31. Post By lolspain86

    So when the paint has been restored, what should i do? Just wash the car and repeat the process 2/3ish times a year? Or am i just to polish it ? :) Thank you for nice videos, and hopefully an answear;)

  32. Post By John Smith

    Sweet beetle.Joking, I'm juuuust joking.

  33. Post By Loque

    Great video, thank you! If anyone has tips for preserving that finish after doing this I would love to know!

  34. Post By jeffinillinois

    It's a cabriolet, not a speedster!

  35. Post By joevs21001

    Larry is the absolute REAL DEAL.   He does such an excellent job on his videos and I have e-mailed him a few times and HE DOES ANSWER your questions.   Thanks again Larry for another fantastic episode of "Drive Clean".   Keep up the great work you do and thanks for providing such good information to the masses and home/weekend enthusiasts and hobbyist detailers.

  36. Post By Itsme Me

    Larry, there are so many videos regarding paint correction on youtube, and 99% of them irritate me within the first 10 seconds. You my friend, do not. And I want to say thanks for providing such high quality videos for everyone. Well done.

  37. Post By australianmade74

    be careful with pad colours. the industry norm is orange, white black, most companies have got multiple colours that do not match any of the others..for example ammo's red pad is equivalent to the chemical guys sealant or wax pad.  Meguiars red is their hardest cut pad-total oppisite of chem guys.    so make sure you understand the colours of each company.

  38. Post By nezerac

    nice. First time I've ever seen larry use a direct drive on ANYTHING!! Must've been really bad. lol.

  39. Post By Bob Hannah

    Larry, I hope you realize how much some of us appreciate this kind of in depth information laid out in an intuitive template. Kudos to you and the others involved in this production. Truly masterful.

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  41. Post By Herman Sillem

    Looks awesome Larry! You are truely an insparation for less experienced detailers like me! Thank you for these videos :)

  42. Post By najee mitchell

    I love these videos…one of my fav video channels only second to Chris Harris

  43. Post By TemperateChicken

    I hope the dish soap was frangipani scented.

  44. Post By GiveMeThatMango

    this guy is so great!

  45. Post By Bourbon Plays

    Superb! Priceless tips and techniques every time. Thanks a lot.

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    Larry, what are your thoughts on spray waxes?

  47. Post By Paul Rhodes

    Thank you for another amazing video Larry have a great week.

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    This is great video, loaded with information, beautifully shot, and I love the sound track. Good work guys. Thanks for your hard work.
    Also fuck all the people complaining about what the car is called.

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    Love the videos, Larry. Thanks for sharing great tips and info!

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