Paul Newman’s Datsun 280ZX: An American Legend From Japan

Join us this week as we follow Kevin Doran’s ex-Paul Newman Datsun 280Z to the track and hear the history of this enthusiast’s dedication to the arts and sciences of speed. Kevin Doran has been around motorsports for the majority of his life, from watching his dad racing on short track ovals to working on an IndyCar team straight out of high school, he’s been in or under fast cars for quite a while.

See the behind the scenes photoshoot here:

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40 thoughts on “Paul Newman’s Datsun 280ZX: An American Legend From Japan

  1. This man has undoubtably achieved a lot in his life, but I still feel like he's a bit of a show-off, isn't he?

  2. Fantastic video Petrolicious. Nissan brought several heritage cars to our event, Z Nationals, last October and it was an absolute pleasure to have them. Expecting so much more this year.

  3. Good thing my uncle passed me down his 280zx. He's the soul owner since bought new. On CL it's a graveyard of abused and rusted Z's. Not to mention these buckets are trying to sell for 5000 lmao. That's CL for u. Let it be known that California is full of people's leftover unfinished piles of junk. Project cars for sale more like turds for parts if that. I'll never sell my 280zx don't need the money and will never give it up to someone to rape and trash. If your broke stop trying to get rich off of turd buckets it will never happen. No one is that desperate to buy the pos that u found on someone's lawn for 100 bucks and back tags for years.

  4. Ron Torrence says:


  5. Fantastic car from a fantastic era.

  6. Todd Bentley says:

    5:36 did he say 2.7l? Is the engine de-stroked or just a mistake?

  7. acomp80 says:

    Love it and wonder if it's Adam Corrolla's car.

  8. All these pedantic nerds trying to correct the company that restored the Z from the ground up because he forgot one letter from the name. Seriously, get over yourselves people

  9. mjncad says:

    It's great this car was restored to its former glory.

    As for modern homologated racing (aka Socialized Motorsports); it sucks and is the biggest reason I lost interest in motorsports. Hell, even 'All American Soap Box Derby' is the same way.

  10. aculous says:

    Love these videos. Any race history. Love it. I am an engineering nerd so this makes me happy.

  11. Does anyone know what the blue formula car is at 3:00?

  12. Thompson BMX says:

    That car is my favorite of any car ever on the planet.

  13. How do you make the logos on your thumbnails? Please reply.

  14. crutksdub says:

    Mr. Doran….you are living my dream!

  15. Rei Moloon says:

    Was this about Doran's achievements or the Datsun??

  16. Shane Massa says:

    This is Adams Corolla's car correct?

  17. windvale says:

    Wow ! What a humble guy.
    Just kidding…

  18. Marcel Geber says:

    WHAT A GREAT CAR ! love it

  19. Joe DeSalvo says:

    Doran Racing is about 20 minutes away from me.. very cool

  20. Mike Norris says:

    Fantastic as usual. Big fan of Paul's racing career so lovely to see this Datsun preserved for people to enjoy.

  21. Refreshing to have someone at that level talking about the car

  22. jjkroll32 says:

    There is a tell tale wail of a meaty I-6. Close your eyes and it almost sounds like a Jaguar E type hot rod

  23. slim jim87 says:

    anyone know where i could find the engine specs on this datsun

  24. jehl1963 says:

    I think that the editing is a little off at 2:00. It sounds like his Dad used to support the Holbert Lowebrau Porsche 962. It was Kevin who did that — wasn't it?

  25. Tardisius says:

    Wow–Homolugated 1st time 4 everything =))

  26. Daisuke Ido says:

    2:37 Oh for god's sake, why the americans can't sort out their absolute ineptitude for italian names? Gianpiero "Momo" Moretti, with only one R.

  27. Auto Fanatic says:

    i use to see Newman racing this at Limerock often way back, always loved this car and how tough it looked.

  28. Simon B. says:

    All hail Finnegann's Rotsun

  29. Nice!!

  30. alpeena says:

    so cool to have a lil test track out back….man o man….so cool…… the vid….hey I love them all…….always thought this car was a bit hefty/boxy…….but the earlier Sharp/PLN z cars were pure sex…..sooooooo sexy and svelte……saw them often at LRP

  31. Prefer Petrolicious when they feature classic road cars

  32. datsun/nissan 24hr durability unmatched Datsun z nothing comes close IMO in regards to practicality and performance dohc tc24b1z s30 the dream car for me, not very practical lmao. God damn i wish they got into GT+ racing and engineered a v12 off this straight 6…I wonder what paul liked driving more the boosted 280zx or the vg30 300zx

  33. petiyo101 says:

    oh boy, yet another person who doesn't know datsuns.

  34. Matt DaKav says:

    Should've done the Z31. Damn.

  35. sohchx says:

    SO much sex on wheels in this vid!!!!

  36. Bar Gym says:

    Love this video! More cars from this Doran Motorsport please!

  37. Mikey says:

    Wow, amazing work… It's like going back in the past

  38. Paul Newman was such a cool guy. He is missed

  39. walperstyle says:

    I really want to own that Property.

  40. Growing up watching this 280zx race was such an inspiration to me. And after watching the documentary about Paul's life and his love for racing really made me admire him and only buy Newman's Own salad dressing. May you RIP Mr Newman.

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