Performance Brake Calipers – 3 Ways To Improve Braking (Besides Red Paint)

What are the best brake calipers? If you need to replace brake calipers, which should you choose? What brake calipers will perform best? The most important part of a brake caliper is its ability to apply pressure to the brake pads. This is done with pistons. Depending on the size of the pistons, number of pistons used, and staggering methods used, brake performance can be increased.

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24 thoughts on “Performance Brake Calipers – 3 Ways To Improve Braking (Besides Red Paint)

  1. Rick James says:

    Will replacing my pads to ceramic help decrease my braking distance? I dont care about brake fade, its not for track, just daily use.
    I dont want to get larger rotors and bigger pistons if they only help on track

  2. Evann West says:

    What about multi pad systems?

  3. Dear EE,

    In the staggered configuration, the last piston at the end of the arched brake is there to compensate for "inefficiencies" of the first smaller pistons, if I understand well due to speed difference. So why dont you have an array of larger pistons straight away, of maybe big piston small piston, big piston small piston?

  4. Need to explain about the fixed caliper vs. floating caliper

  5. Joe Mitchell says:

    HOW EASY OR HARD WOULD IT BE TO change the rear calipers on 07 ram 1500 from single piston to double piston like they have on the ram 2500. Could I just change the calipers and it be good. the brake line threads and sizes are the same. I have powerstop pads that were bought using the 1500 model. I am getting a travel trailer soon so I'd like to improve brakes here if I can

  6. Alex Tillman says:

    wouldn't the area in P*A be the brake pad? cuz the pad is what is actually coming in contact with the rotor.

  7. Abhi Gupta says:

    How should i calculate stopping distance for baja buggy

  8. This guy souds like he studied at Cal tec

  9. Thomas Lage says:

    How come the website needs a user name and password?

  10. i need to know the parts present in fixed calliper
    bcoz in my brake calliper some bolt like thing was broken (both bolt and that hole) i dont know what it is called and i dont know whether i can repair it
    so plzzz help me
    tell me atleast what it is called

  11. Arpit Sharma says:

    Which calliper is better in performance a floating or a fixed one for a max. limit of 100kmph car and why?

  12. Another reason for staggered piston sizes is that it gives the pedal a bit more feel as the brake kits get bigger. If you have identical pistons, you are either pressing the whole pad against the disc or you aren't. With a staggered set-up, the larger piston has more effect and you get to apply the brake more progressively, helping to prevent lock-up. However, a downside is that the pads tend to wear at the end with the biggest piston more quickly, and you may have to replace the pad even if it still has some brake material left at the end of the smallest piston.

  13. So that means the larger number of pistons is only needed for very bigger brake pads, otherwise it wouldn't be necessary to have a 8 pistons brake caliper, in relation to the size of one piston

  14. whovalock says:

    Can you make an episode explaining the mechanics on how breaks work? Like what happens when you push the break pedal down and how it applies pressure to the pistons and what not. Also what exactly does the ABS control?

  15. evilking9090 says:

    why does carpartkings require credentials to access the site?

  16. So…. Why does high speed braking require more clamping force? Downforce (probably not)? Reduction in pad friction coefficient at high surface speeds/temperatures?

  17. I would like to take to you about my challenger and how could I improve it

  18. Laquel says:

    I heard that painting your calipers red reduces your braking distance by 50%.

  19. berk arslan says:

    Are all multi piston calipers staggered in size?

  20. Totally off the subject but I'm struggling to find information. I have a wrx hawkeye 2007. The boot will not release from the handle inside the car ?
    Also the petrol tether ( the plastic bit holding the petrol cap ) has snapped but I can't get a replacement anywhere in the UK without buying the whole petrol cap too ?!

  21. Richard Alan says:

    Are there any negative side affects or any advantages to pumping your brakes when coming to a stop these days with the advent of ABS? Thanks. Awesome channel, BTW

  22. Brad Isley says:

    0:28 the rubber piston seal is kinda dorked up.

  23. Paul Ha says:

    What company uses staggered pistons?

  24. Guy says:

    Anybody knows a good car parts website in Canada ? Car Parts King is not available here and AutoPartsWay is often more expensive than at Napa…Thnaks !

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