Porsche 959: A Supercar Years Ahead Of Its Time

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This week we head a few hours north of our Los Angeles HQ to catch up with Bruce Canepa and one his Porsche 959. It’s one of the rarest cars to wear the company’s crest, but he’s certainly no stranger to the thing—after spending over a decade trying to find the legal loopholes necessary to put one on the road in the United States, one tends to form a bond, become familiar. The 959 has been duly lauded for decades as one of the most advanced and ambitious supercars ever produced, but beyond all that it may have also saved the beloved 911 by showing the world what could be achieved with a rear-engine design.

See the photoshoot and read more here: http://petro.li/CanepaPorsche959

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26 thoughts on “Porsche 959: A Supercar Years Ahead Of Its Time

  1. TEN YEARS! Those with private roads do not have that bureacratic madness to contend with. The gov's military threw napalm and agent orange around like confetti, yet they balked at a petrol engine.

  2. yes there was a future for 911 in America, look at the world trade center for example

  3. is0explore says:

    Literally my favourite new YouTube channel in an instant – great work guys.

  4. The Wedge says:

    one of the reasons they couldn't come to US is because Porsche didn't wanna do the mandatory crash tests!! I don't play them, how can you destroy a masterpiece.

  5. Wicks Way says:

    YES! I'm so glad you explained how the owners love for the 959 changed the LAW to allow it in the USA and how that paved the way for other cars to be imported!

    Thank you, Petrolicious!

  6. Yeah right. Porsche is have his Legend aka MODERN 911 yada yada yada, and some other station wagoon crap like Panamera, But sorry I am not a 911 Purist Fan who is think like the 911 is a pure legend and the rest of that what was go out of the Porsche factory was a mistake, so still no matter how you gonna look at that car the old or even a modern 911 will be look like a 1936 VW Bug on steroids.
    My favorite Porsche was always 959 and 968. Why?? Because those cars were always take you straight into Future even if you stand near them and just look at them.
    That is why if I will have money for a brand New Porsche like high end 911 or Panamera or crap like that then I will buy a 2018 Mercedes AMG GT R and I will change the Mercedes Star for a something better cuz it's looks like a modern version of the Porsche 959!!
    From the modern type of Porsche I rather like the RUF even if is much more ugly than the 911 or even a Prototype version of Rinspeed rather than the modern 911 Carrera or GT2 GT3 etc.
    Btw. The USAmerican Law especially the Car Law was always and still is literally fucked up so people like this guy will always waste so many years for a Law Change rather simply enjoy their dream cars on the road.
    I wish all the best things and I wish him a better Law for this guy from this Video so he will never gonna waste much more precious time and he will evolve his passion for cars like Porshe 959:-)

  7. Datsun510zen says:

    Ahead of it's time in what? The 959 was 20 years behind the 427 Shelby Super Cobra doing 200mph in 1965.

  8. prawendha says:

    117 person, used electric car…. LOL

  9. Stev Rex says:

    In response to the 959, the people over at Furr-Are-E responded with a poorly built carbon fiber and steel tubed pile of junk with no features. It is hilarious the myth of the Furr-Are-E.

  10. Alex Habr says:

    Look at his garage!!!

  11. James Shunt says:

    My dream car when I was a 12 year old kid. Looking back now I can only say:"Wow, I was a smart kid."
    I was one of those rare kids who actually read car magazines and studied all technical reports so I understood the 959 was a technological tour-de-force at the time and way more advanced than the crude contemporary supercars which had developed little since the 60's.

  12. As much as I always love these, this one definitely needed more in car and driving impressions. The story is fascinating, sure, but I want to see that car DOING STUFF!

  13. Dethmeister says:

    This guy says 924 like I do: Nine Twenty-Four. No one says "Nine One One" so why do most say "Nine Two Four"? Hah, he says "Nine Five Nine" though?

  14. 959 was the pinnacle for Porsche, faster than the F40 by over half second 0 to 60, at half price

  15. loved the story and details … only wish for more driving time and to hear it pushed at a higher RPM because most of us have never seen or heard the 959 'in action'!

  16. Jeff Zekas says:

    Porsche AG should start building air cooled cars again… bring back the original, air cooled, 911 coupe! "Build it, and they will come."

  17. The fact you guys haven't done one of these on an S2000 is somewhat surprising

  18. Andy Robson says:

    Its just car porn……The only two cars that matter to me…959 …F40….No car since has been near……

  19. Abran Gomez says:

    Man went as far as Passing a new Law through to achieve his dream. God, what a Legend. These are the kind of people that restore my faith in humanity :')

  20. Mike Hunt says:

    Are we not going to talk about that garage?!

  21. Datsun510zen says:

    Although the 959 was a bad ass 187 mph 911, this vid should be retitled How I Registered My 959 In Cali. Truly though, if the 959 was years ahead of it's time it would have dominated the rally group B class for witch it was designed. No it failed miserably under the shadow of a car truly head of it time, the Quattro GmbH. IMO, it's one of the sexiest cars ever made, but the only thing keeping the 911 alive is nostalgia.


    i Registered

  22. Johnny Cab says:

    Laws bend to whoever has enough money.

  23. Foto4Max says:

    Sad that this video is more about regulations and paperwork than about the actual car…

  24. Nice video, but the Music is WAY too loud.

  25. AWSim says:

    Saw bruces 959 at Laguna last year. what a spectacle!

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