Porsche 959: Posterchild of the Supercar Renaissance – XCAR

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The Porsche 959 is one of the rarest, greatest supercars ever made and was one of the original bedroom poster cars. We took a look at its past, at its Group B origins and took it for a spin.

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26 thoughts on “Porsche 959: Posterchild of the Supercar Renaissance – XCAR

  1. covfefe says:

    Porsche should do a updated version. the 911 has been so boring for the past 20 years.

  2. Fun fact – initially they were not legal to drive in the US because Porche would not give the government 4 cars to destroy in crash tests.

  3. The 959 is amazing but still sound like a VW Beetle, :P.

  4. not very fast for an iconic porsche…pile of shite if you are asking me.

  5. Jason V. says:

    Wayyyy beyond its time, still looks good.

  6. christdragon says:

    There are two different variants of the 959 this one a sport and the deluxe. Most of the sports were white. I used to read about this car in car magazines back in the 80's. Thanks.

  7. who else noticed that it has no right mirror :)

  8. ZDY says:

    Looks like a Porsche NSX, sick!

  9. maybe the Carrera don't want to forget that cat the big Porsche 3

  10. out side of the 918 this car has more presence then any other street legal Porsche

  11. I loved it too, but everybody did. Rather this one on my driveway than the F40. I was a Porsche Anhängige back in '86, and this car hat alles damit zu tun, lassen wir sagen.

  12. ramm150 says:

    This kid is an incredible presenter. Future's Jimmy' Clarkson ?

  13. Chris Holm says:

    Problem: I don't always know if he's talking about the road version or the race car. To much talk!

  14. Ed Maguire says:

    I still have room in my garage next to my 911 GTS. Bring it on!

  15. Bilsbo says:

    is that a big scratch at 2:30? can believe the Porsche ppl just left it there if it is.

  16. stanwooz94 says:

    Lovely car indeed! Would love to get the chance to drive this beauty like you guys. Oh well, at least i got to virtualy drive one in need for speed posrche.

  17. icecold723 says:

    Ferrari F40, Lamborghini Diablo and Porsche 959.

    I love this rivalry,what more could you ask for.

  18. I think my undying, (and often questioned), love for the VR-4 stemmed off from subconscious memories of the 959's butt. My god, if that rear end isn't the most aesthetically pleasing feat of engineering, I'm at a loss of what could be number 1…

    Ok, very subjective, but given time to think about it, I honestly cannot think of another car I'd rather own on this Earth than a 959. Maybe a CLK-GTR or XJ220, but I think Psychology definitely plays a major role of reminding my brain to want it even more just because there's probably not a circumstance in existence that would allow me to own one.

  19. Mursyid Omar says:

    Does this car was originally designed with only 1 side mirror?

  20. something about the look of this car i think it is one of my favorite Porsche

  21. btx s says:

    I hear your only allowed to drive these 2500miles a year

  22. llxFALLENxll says:

    What's the "G" stand for on the shifter? I have only driven with 1,2,3,4,5,6 and R.

  23. Wout Hilkens says:

    What a car! Certainly one of the most beautiful cars ever!!

  24. for the money I'd take an F40.. nice though.

  25. martin8uq says:

    I loved this car as a kid! I had a yellow 959 about 4" long… determined to have one, alas I had no Idea….

  26. I thought this and the F40 were the first production cars to crack the 200MPH mark though? Or was it just the F40? With the 959 having the highest top speed until the Ferrari came along.

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