Porsche Boxster Spyder — TEST/DRIVE

The lighter, quicker, Carrera S-engined Porsche Boxster Spyder is the last hurrah for Porsche’s naturally aspirated flat six. Is it the end of an era? It sure is. A great era.


  1. Post By Bong Lim

    I hate that ugly hunchback design of the Boxster Spyder

  2. Post By Wolf Plato

    I'd rather have a GTS. Obsolete!

  3. Post By 64Shakur

    This is one of the best Porsche's I ever drove. Fantastic car, fantastic…

  4. Post By Andrew Bishop

    Does anyone know the intro song? thanks

  5. Post By pachobarrero96

    What road is that? Is it in Georgia?

  6. Post By utubejoe11

    … but not today…

  7. Post By Tjeu Linssen

    what a cool ride, even more the music , can anyone past over the tracklist?

  8. Post By utubejoe11

    but not today. Thanks Mike.

  9. Post By utubejoe11

    best spyder review. thanks mike i enjoyed that.

  10. Post By whiskey 4

    so the cayman and the boxster are the same car, just one is drop top i see

  11. Post By bbnguyen92

    Song name?

  12. Post By Dylan Thabest

    Is the spider the only one with the back design?

  13. Post By Chris

    best youtube car review I've seen this year.

  14. Post By Dmitry BohAn

    how many wait this car ?

  15. Post By Darrin Podeschi

    Nice review and love the "end of an era" callout. I have 911 Targa GTS and Turbo S. My favorite one to drive, the most engaging is my Boxster Spyder. Porsche nailed the gestalt on this one.

  16. Post By suryamp

    Thats why I bought an S2000. I can buy any new car off the lot if I want tons of torque, hell I can buy a Tesla if I want straight line performance. But the high revving engine, lightweight chassis, and good steering feel are timeless.

  17. Post By G Garrison

    nice to see some focus on the spyder….so much noise on the GT4 that i feel like this car if it had been released on its own would have gone down with much fanfare.

  18. Post By Michael Esarey

    This may go down as the collector Boxster to have. I have a base 981 and can't wait for 718S prices to come down enough to do a trade, but with 265hp that should be understandable. This car, however, has the power and the sound. I think that 20-30 years from now these will be going for all the money.

  19. Post By Herwig V

    great review – enjoy your videos Mr. Spinelli

  20. Post By sgfreak96

    Just discovered that Porsche was making this, and I'm so happy about it!!! What a beautiful, raw, epic machine. I can't wait to see one in person!

  21. Post By grc0456

    Good god! What a car! What a sound! What a road! Definitely car porn. Long live the NA flat 6 and long live the manual gearbox. Thanks Mike!

  22. Post By Surya De

    I love my Boxster Spyder. This review was great. Where was this shot btw? I saw Georgia dealership plate but that don't look like GA! Ah that's Big Island in Hawaii then?

  23. Post By ayowser01

    So the dampers have a static tune? They aren't adjustable at all, like a single adjustable rebound valve?

  24. Post By Paul Frankel

    The best Boxster ever.

  25. Post By Andrew Sinclair

    what the name of the background music playing?

  26. Post By Jason Joseph

    Whoever color graded this episode dropped the ball.

  27. Post By carpetmogul007

    Great vid mike. All positive and zero backstep. Hopefully, manufacturers are watching and listening. It's more about the driving experience rather than numbers. To us real "Apex addicts", you are our voice to the big names. You keep us alive.

  28. Post By FunkyBear

    Always great when you go behind the wheel for speak about car ;-)

  29. Post By rao siddharth

    the car is too girly, he is trying hard to make it look betterbut he is failing to do so, it's always a chick car

  30. Post By wordlyfe

    good job spinelli!

  31. Post By Backen und Kochen mit Peter

    great Video

  32. Post By Chris Sorreda

    Mike Spinelli, grow your hair back please.

  33. Post By Ken Lai

    End of an era indeed :(

  34. Post By AluminumHaste

    Well that was useless.What's it like to drive? how does it handle corners? Does it brake well? Is it quick to accelerate?

  35. Post By SoCalSupercars

    Ay Mike's back!

  36. Post By Daniel Lee

    is christer harris (editor of this video) just a play on the real chris harris?

  37. Post By Ali D

    I own a GT4 and after this video I want a spyder so bad! I love the spyder styling!

  38. Post By slaWterCH

    NA flat 6 ftw!

  39. Post By ExoticsofMunich

    Great car

  40. Post By 993mike

    The new four cylinder turbo Boxster/Caymans will never capture this same feeling. They can turn up the boost and make the numbers a little better, but you can't beat the experience of a big N/A Porsche flat 6 with one of the best manual gearboxes ever.

  41. Post By Dodge Hemi

    Take the next TT Spyder with tune

  42. Post By Liam Boyle

    Fucking beautiful from the back

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