Porsche Panamera Turbo v Mercedes-AMG E63 S | evo drag races

The Mercedes-AMG E63 S may be based on a simple executive saloon, but with a 603bhp twin-turbocharged V8 under the bonnet, it makes even the Porsche Panamera Turbo look a little under-endowed. The question is though, what happens when you pitch them against each other over a quarter mile? Watch our latest video to find out.

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  1. Post By Rafic Salam

    That is not fair 600 hp vs 542 hp

  2. Post By Marco Xhorrack

    You guys should do Panamera Turbo S VS AMG E63 S.

  3. Post By NGOUN KOSA

    Mercedes Benz E63 S AMG 0-60MPH only 3.4sec, on GP test only 3.1sec. It is very quick.

  4. Post By Raj Bhalerao

    even though if it would be a turbo s it would still lose

  5. Post By basilis hellas

    Both cars are state of the art building machines!!!!!!

  6. Post By Mr Snuffleupagus

    I would still have the Porsche

  7. Post By paouvous

    No Tesla? No party! :P

  8. Post By hafiza saba

    Lol they got the Intro interchanged with wrong names

  9. Post By Top 10 Nl

    benz is the boss

  10. Post By S.G OH

    Bring the turbo s then race again

  11. Post By Emirhan Ozyilmaz

    Stupid brits dont know how to pronounce porsche

  12. Post By kukurishk

    What can I say AMG is a Monster

  13. Post By Chris Fronzak

    Interesting comparison! I wonder which one of these two I should get? Panamera still feels more special on the inside.

  14. Post By Luqman Mohamad

    Drive Alfa Sleep Alfa Dream Alfa Romeo

  15. Post By Trailblazer King

    I'm picking up my E63s Edition I Motorsport package car 2018 this December and can't wait

  16. Post By İlhan Ayaz

    zf 9 transsmision mercedes

  17. Post By Pan Mark Dedaj

    PORSCHE TOP !!!!!

  18. Post By Dhruv Kathuria K

    Biased review panamera is much faster than that and is much faster than bmw m7 so is definitely fast than e63

  19. Post By Sir

    99% of all the broke faggots saying which is better car when neither of them can afford anywhere close to either of these cars. more broke fucks giving their useless opinions

  20. Post By Hyunmo Kang

    That e63 front suspension extend like hell when it start to dash

  21. Post By Simo AMG

    Amg always wining the best ever

  22. Post By حلاوة روح

    I like Mercedes

  23. Post By manofweed1

    Wow, that's quick. Almost as quick as my 69 Firebird.

  24. Post By Charlie Khabouth

    Mercedes was tired of all the all wheel drive cars smoking them, so they built there own lol

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