POV Drive 1998 Daihatsu Cuore Avanzato TR XX R4

Turns out, I CAN hear the turbo! Lovely little Daihatsu Cuore, also called the Mira?


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47 thoughts on “POV Drive 1998 Daihatsu Cuore Avanzato TR XX R4

  1. I want that car!

  2. PpRZman says:

    I blew up a 2ZZ Celica by going 4th to 3rd @100mph – could have been worse.

  3. Ave moment made my day

  4. Day 93: Small Dog Review

  5. mike02467 says:

    How many times does RCR money shift cars ffs. One day you're gonna blow a guys motor doing this shit.

  6. 1303Gas says:

    Watching the owner's hands while his car being driven shows some lack of serenity…

  7. SPcamert says:

    I can tell how quickly the mood in that car changed. It happens man. No harm, no foul.

  8. Rick Sanchez says:

    and eh.. you… you come with me trough this..  because eeeh ( I DON'T WANNA DIE ALONE IN THIS !!! ) is what he wanted to say. not eeeh.   0:15

  9. paulyshore98 says:

    Automatic thumbs up for the AvE reference.

  10. JayBB says:

    who else came here from reviewtechusa!

  11. I have a 1997 Silverado 2500 if you want to do a review on it

  12. Ruben Garcia says:

    honda cr-z

  13. Squixy says:

    Anyone who want to see his face look in the middle mirror and 1:20 to 1:29

  14. Can you review a 1989 Honda Prelude?

  15. There's a lot of DAIHATSUS here in Texas

  16. Is Mr. R getting bald?

  17. 3 speed?

  18. Oi m8 get your hands on a new 124 spider when you can

  19. E G A says:

    There must be more to life than describing these 4 wheeled ape vessels.

  20. JDM Fan says:

    How much does it weigh tho???

  21. I don't think it was a focus.

  22. Yea dat transmission were aishi or aishichin or whatever kikai transmission…. U can't probably shift up like that u must let it settle in neutral….
    (my 87 Mitsu Mirage is using the same transmission)

  23. Eric Doe says:

    When I miss a shift I too cannot stop thinking about it all day. "FOCUS YOU FUCK". -AvE

  24. Mattyew says:

    anyone else get the peep show vibes now that it's POV AND the conversation is casual and british? haha

  25. 20JK10 says:

    Suggestions for future reviews: Pontiac Aztec, Chevy SSR truck, Lincoln Blackwood truck, Chrysler Sebring convertible, 02-05 Thunderbird, Honda Element.

  26. 1:26 That's what she said

  27. pauljs75 says:

    When you're in that demographic where all the YouTubers you watch, also watch each other. :)

  28. Hassan jza80 says:

    I had one of those couré, it was a 800cc NA 4 speed

  29. Karl Baron says:

    I live in Japan. My wife's work car is a Kei Suzuki Alto. The most fun part of driving a Kei is when four adults are riding it and you're going up a long, steep hill. Don't worry about revving the hell out of these engines they're underpowered by law and hence they're always redlining.

  30. Audiojack says:

    It's pretty obvious that driving a stick isn't in your blood :D Even after all these years.

  31. thorium220 says:

    AvE and MCM shout outs in one video? You spoil us Mr. Regular.

  32. "This thing moves!" You should say that line in a Daihatsu Move Review…

  33. Loek Meyers says:

    could you do a review of the mazda 929 legato hardtop please? the one that looks like the w123 mercedes, used to be my dad's car and he regrets selling it every day

  34. Man, the owner sounds exactly like a guy from my local track who owns a car import business.

  35. Id drink a couple cups of tea with this car owner.

  36. Zach Raner says:

    @regularcarreviews do a review on the Chevy cruze

  37. Kancho says:

    over revs the ae86
    "oh i have to let it settle in the middle and THEN shift into third"
    "im gonna have to let it settle before i shift like the 86"
    over revs the Daihatsu

  38. Now you've got to tell someone to go fuck their hat.

  39. elryanoo says:

    That'll keep your tea kettle choochin.

  40. That dude seems like a cool guy to hang out with.

  41. Elton Joel says:

    Mr.Regular the type of nigga to piss on the side of the toilet bowl so it's quieter.

  42. hlavco says:

    Seems everybody who's anybody is driving a Mira these days.

  43. Norgz94 says:

    This was my first car in GT3 :P

  44. Antonio. says:

    But were are it's quirks and features?

  45. mortbif says:

    oh no, i fucked up
    "No, it's fine, man, happens all the time"
    yeah but I fucked up
    "Nah, nothing blew up"
    the last time i fucked up like this was in my mom's mg and then she beat me

  46. qmto says:

    Dude you've played Gran Turismo, you know this is called the Mira in that game.

  47. The narration is the funniest part of these videos; next to the song about the car. This video had neither. One out of a hundred videos has disappointed me. How dare you! Lol

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