Proving Electric Cars Won’t Suck – /DRIVE on NBC Sports: EP08 PT02

On this episode of /DRIVE on NBC Sports: Matt Farah goes to Texas to drive an electric DeLorean, Mike Spinelli thinks he can drive across Manhattan in a Porsche 918 using only the battery, and Chris Harris flogs the 918 on a track.


  1. Post By DZone Motorsport TV

    2:18 – 2:21, lol.

  2. Post By Daniel Cabral

    Guys, what's the name of the song that plays the first time the 918 is displayed in the video? That's an amazing tune.

  3. Post By Quang Thái

    Very nice car :)

  4. Post By lapamful

    It's not that anyone needs to prove electric cars don't suck, it's more fundamental than that. It's proving that electric powered cars are more environmentally friendly.More than 2/3rds of electricity comes from burning fossil fuels such as coal. People assume that this is cleaner energy when it isn't. Then you have to take into account the costs of running an electric powered vehicle and it's clear who the winners are, the electricity companies and the politicians implementing laws based on consumer ignorance thinking that electricity is somehow created by pixies running on treadmills.All this environmental legislation hasn't reduced pollution, it's moved it to China along with our jobs.

  5. Post By Idelson Carlos

    Can someone please tell me name of the background song at 1:30 onwards.. Kind Regards

  6. Post By me29903

    they may not suck but for the sports entusieist gas is better 

  7. Post By Pietro Ottaviani

    what an idiot

  8. Post By headcas620

    This is my favorite piece /drive has done. I love the music and the lights reflecting off the car and it's just beautiful.

  9. Post By Will Mederski

    ha. california plates…

  10. Post By Willie Dowdell

    Now i love this car

  11. Post By Atrax R

    What a beautiful car. This and P1 are my two fav hybrids. I don't really like the LaFerarri much. As for non-hybrids it's Koenigsegg One:1.

  12. Post By hmmartinez26

    Did Chris Harris just mentioned Nebraska!!! GBR!

  13. Post By Steven Wang

    3:25 82nd@46%… Columbus Circle 59th@41%… 23rd@15%Somethings not right lol

  14. Post By osexq

    "Safe as hell" great comparison.

  15. Post By David Ngo

    This car bloody beautiful

  16. Post By SuperSaiyan3985

    Imagine all the chicks you can pick up in New York with that thing ;) #Porsche

  17. Post By Che1seabluesdrogba11

    I really liked the song used in this clip!

  18. Post By John

    This is the least awkward I've ever seen Spinelli. Stop letting him do interviews, keep him on these kinds of runs. Good job Mike.

  19. Post By Ryan Drake

    Does it not worry y'all to be driving cars that are worth more than you are? Even if you do have a hell of an insurance policy (which I'm sure you do).

  20. Post By Laurens Hellinckx

    Can somebody plz tell me what song this is at the beginning of this clip???

  21. Post By Thrown2010

    I already seen this video a while back. lol

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