Quail 2012 Evo Diary inc McLaren X-1. Pebble Beach

Evo’s Editorial Director Harry Metcalfe gives us a tour around The Quail show at the Pebble Beach weekend.


  1. Post By Ian Townsend

    People saying this is expensive but I don't think it's that bad, works out to be about £300, but it's no more than you'd pay for a track day in a supercar

  2. Post By TheSoundOfTwang

    Snobfest 2012

  3. Post By Robert Mintun

    So, the X-1 is a 12C that is wearing an ugly body which has been flogged with a chrome stick.

  4. Post By dkphantomdk

    500 dollars !!!Damn… even if these are very nice cars I would never pay that amount of money to have a look at them, I would do just fine without the free drinks and food, to save some money on that event.

  5. Post By bigjoe65459

    What Ferrari is at 4:03, the maroon convertible?

  6. Post By toffee rado

    500$ serious? That is by far the worst thing iv heard in a while! A bunch of rappers should pay for the entire ghetto to show up and scare all these people not ruin cars or anything just to show up and be like we only showed up cause this is soo ballin. Obv it 500 to keep people out.

  7. Post By TurboDifferent

    What a fantastic car show! When I've started my company I will definitely go to this show!

  8. Post By Phil11390

    The new bat-mobile for Batman vs. Superman movie.

  9. Post By maglalosus

    Interesting stuff – thanks for posting.

  10. Post By Mysterious HobNobs

    Yes. I'm so mad that a sad obese man who lives miles away doesn't know what team Lewis Hamilton raced for.

  11. Post By Mysterious HobNobs

    He didn't when this video was release. Idiot.

  12. Post By Mysterious HobNobs

    Maybe the mclaren shirt…

  13. Post By Youlikeadahjuice

    Save your $500, this event is easy to sneak into.

  14. Post By HardstyleBeats_Mixr

    i'm wondering, are the brakes of a cobra really that bad? bc in like allmost every racing game, the cobra has an aweful handling and it takes forever to stop xD

  15. Post By HardstyleBeats_Mixr

    you mean on the event or on the trip with the cobra's xD on the event there were also the mclaren mp4-12c and lamborghini reventon and such which are from this decade. And on the road trip probably bc it's was a shelby mustang together with the shelby cobra's

  16. Post By Ben Tong

    is that x1 based on the mp4 ?

  17. Post By myles balkom

    He really wasn't kidding when he said " the best cars in the world."

  18. Post By villegas24

    damn you're stupid

  19. Post By Éric Michel

    The Miura is so gorgeous

  20. Post By Ian Ng

    WTF is that mustang doing there? You are in the wrong decade mate!

  21. Post By Ian Ng

    Not a fan of the R8 head lights

  22. Post By Robert Girod

    ROFL the kid stalling the Cobra lol

  23. Post By xilverdragon

    It looks very much inspired by the Maybach Excelero

  24. Post By Beolex Beolex

    3:36 what abarth i meant

  25. Post By Beolex Beolex

    what Abarth is 3:48?

  26. Post By emilio blanco

    ur a tool if u think that about Harry Metcalf

  27. Post By Aaron P

    I'm pretty sure it's a 1956 Ferrari 250 GT Boano

  28. Post By TheN0re

    Thank you, EVO, thank you!

  29. Post By chomanttocs

    kinda reminds me of James May (Top Gear)

  30. Post By Shane Savage

    The video is great though….

  31. Post By Shane Savage

    How annoying is this pompas ass of a host. What an idiot!

  32. Post By VivsIs1

    I could see them producing this down the road. It really looks like the 12C. It retains the air intakes and exhaust system. Looks like a larger engine and like its sitting higher.Also the interior also seems to be almost identical with a little more flourish. Definitely wish they left the back wheels exposed though.

  33. Post By devin sutcliffe

    how annoying is the fish tank audio?

  34. Post By Charles Austin

    2:59; It's a special bodied F430, sir.

  35. Post By Jordan h

    Can someone please tell me the ferrari at 05:39 thanks

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