Quick movie of a flame-spitting Audi quattro S1 on the limit

Short clip of the glorious Audi quattro S1 rally car flat out in the UK. Great five-cylinder turbocharged sound effects.


  1. Post By A Pennelli

    A superb car…up there with the 205 Turbo16, 6R4, Lancia Delta S4 and the Lancia 037…

  2. Post By ghibli608

    Not an Audi fan AT ALL. But this one is Juuuuuuust So Epic! fabulous sound.

  3. Post By Alin Marginean

    QR code brought me here.

  4. Post By jarrus464

    I want one!!!!

  5. Post By mz9393mz

    A thing of beauty.

  6. Post By NZsarge1

    Glorious indeed.

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