Racing a V8 Supercar (In Our Street Cars!!)

We battle a 600 horsepower V8 Supercar using our dailies and other cars we’ve built from the MCM garage. But will our nuggets have what it takes to chase down a car that costs more than all of our cars combined?









Thank you to Chaz and the team from Supercheap Auto for agreeing to do this video with us. Respect!

Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we’ve gone about it, but we can’t promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won’t harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you’re doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you’ve seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.


  1. Post By Mighty Car Mods

    Want to see more of the cars we drove in this video? Links are in the description for the build videos of each vehicle and you can watch all of the episodes in full, for free on YouTube. In other news 'The Cars of Mighty Car Mods' hardcover book is out now, celebrating 10 years of cars that we've built on the show. This 130 page hard cover book is available right now with shipping worldwide.

  2. Post By Braiden Reid

    Super car…….. running mid 11s lmao

  3. Post By Jack Milde

    I was really thinking that they would've brought out the superbug.Granted between the cresta and the bug, both of em should be able to run 9s and 10s with little issue.

  4. Post By Ecosse57

    for years i've point out to nascar fans v8 supercars being what nascar should have always been. now, aussies seem to be eyeing to ruin the once epic series by diluting it.

  5. Post By Urban Campfire

    Kinda impressed that Mod Max did a 12! :) Would have liked to see the VW Bug vs the V8 Supercar!

  6. Post By Car Shenanigans

    wheres the beetle

  7. Post By Jeromy Nendel

    Aww nooo poor Super Gramps

  8. Post By Simon Stiebler

    The Turd would beat it

  9. Post By TheShiphoo

    4:19 what a fart cannon

  10. Post By max

    Why didn’t you use the Subarute from the Roadkill special ????

  11. Post By JP05CPSN

    Miss daisy!

  12. Post By Doctor Dewbie

    X Chassis FTW!

  13. Post By Doctor Dewbie

    My new favorite word is Choptimus prime now.

  14. Post By Arley Umphries

    I am also commenting to ask “what happened to Miss Daisy?”

  15. Post By Dan Sheridan

    Was the opening shot done with a Tilt-shift lens?

  16. Post By Kash V

    What about the beetle?

  17. Post By RhumRunner41

    You guys need to step it up. Take your cars to Targa Newfoundland and really see what they can do on closed off public roads.

  18. Post By Panda Rockit Ship Studios

    I died inside when Supergramps’ insides died.

  19. Post By Sarnav

    rip supergrapms

  20. Post By Tien Foen

    You all are bloody mad n crazy.But we all love it and support you all.

  21. Post By Brian W

    i would love to see more challenges from the beetle sleeper

  22. Post By Mathieu Tremblay

    And this, kids, is why you don't launch your Subaru hahahaha

  23. Post By Andrew Murray

    Funny video again guys, cheers Chaz is pretty cool dude ! Benny has been running the Cresta in the low 9's recently, Marty might have been holding back a bit….lol :)

  24. Post By JonathanGJM

    Noooo super gramps

  25. Post By Richard Drysdale

    awesome video guys!! just got my 10 year MCM book too, so awesome guys. keep it up, thanks from Canada!!

  26. Post By Ricardo Guadian

    Miss daisy???

  27. Post By Dee Em

    Oh no! Super Gramps! I was hoping he'd take him, only to be let down by the gear box, heart breaker. Great episode, Gents!

  28. Post By Kunal Chabria

    Amazing video mates. Damn that last drag was emotional!

  29. Post By Ry8ean

    Never launch an AWD at high rpm on a sticky track by dumping the clutch guys come on! XD Great entertainment though as usual <3

  30. Post By Richard Knapp

    You should have brought the VW Bug it would have dusted the drag car Ford!!

  31. Post By BrianGabrintino

    Now I really want to see what super gramps can do against the v8 supercar. You need to do a rematch after you fix him!

  32. Post By stewjade

    That was good fun. Chaz is easily the coolest 'pilote' in Supercars.

  33. Post By justin

    "it was bound to happen" -well yeah, it's a subaru hahaQuite the fleet you guys have amassed over the years! Keep going!

  34. Post By Josef Tucker


  35. Post By MrHarryBawlz

    That cresta is NUCKING FUTTS

  36. Post By Ze Naughty Company

    dat toyota tho

  37. Post By Luco Zade

    Ah just chop it man

  38. Post By Scottish B

    The Subaru bit was devastating.

  39. Post By Raul Paredes

    What about the boxer bug ??

  40. Post By paradoxdesigns

    The VW Would have slaughtered that thing!

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