Racing the ‘NC’ MX5 Cup at NJMP in American Endurance Racing

In this video Matt takes the start of the second race (of two) in the American Endurance Racing Championship’s New Jersey Motorsports Park race weekend. Team Road & Track & Friends, consisting of Matt, Jack Baruth, Larry Webster, and Jesse Lazare won class 2 in the first race, and ride shotgun with Matt in the first 5 laps of the second.

The MX5 Cup race car is prepped by Bozi & Bojan Taterevic and Josh Howard and features a spec powertrain, Penske shocks, lightweight wheels and 200 treadwear series Dunlop Direzza street tires, per race rules.

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Title photo by Artin Karimian


  1. Post By Daniel Wood

    What wheels are those?

  2. Post By Darkwood Personal Defense

    Love your videos Matt.

  3. Post By Jean-Daniel Poulin

    Nice video MAtt!

  4. Post By KingLoganIV

    you guys should upload and narrate every race you participate in, in their entirety <3

  5. Post By usagentcyclone

    that net centralized in the car looks like I would hit it over and over quickly going for the gearshift

  6. Post By Felix Jacobsen

    Pretend elbow attract male lung nice murder answer remaining

  7. Post By Mulholland Magazine

    That sucks. Nothing is worse than having mechanical problems. At COTA I had the throttle of the Z I race stick wide open in a pack of 10 cars going into turn 3. It's always something…oh well. At least you made it out alive!

  8. Post By Logan Noone

    my favorite smoking tire video thus far. please upload more videos of races! that start was absurd

  9. Post By 2dope4u

    This was super dope. Looking forward to more videos from this endurance series. Quick question: how do you minimize wind noise when filming in an open top car like this?

  10. Post By Alex Beckingham

    More footage next time covering more overtakes/stress of driver change and refuelling

  11. Post By Tyler Davis

    don't mind me but why were you grabbing the e-brake lever every once in awhile

  12. Post By PRC9011

    I rode this track last year on my motorcycle and always wanted to go back and go at it in a sorted car. This was very cool Mr Farrah!

  13. Post By Ferdl Loox

    I would be happy to see more videos like this. I can imagine how much fun it was to drive the car.

  14. Post By krbcrwlr

    commentary sans LeMans was great

  15. Post By 0HunterTheAssassin0

    my nc just got totaled ):

  16. Post By Balo657

    Noon question but why so they put those nets on the driver?

  17. Post By romero1337

    absolutely love this, watching with the commentary is perfect

  18. Post By Ivan WNY

    you should review my modded S55 AMG which is soon to have a QUAIFE!!

  19. Post By Reggie Reginato

    Too bad the clutch gave up.

  20. Post By Robert A Booey

    The first car I shifted was this, I watched my dad my push in the clutch I shifted passenger seat. Reality this clutch and manual are the best

  21. Post By Below The Influence

    WTF is up with youtube it is no longer recommending your videos to me. I can tell off of your views on your recent videos its doing the same to alot of other people.

  22. Post By Stephen Mueller

    Dude, there were a couple turns you came out of where i yelled "fuck yea matt" in my head lol. 370z was just bad, my sister drives better. That one miata tho…cya on the right!

  23. Post By clubracer6

    The racing gods strike! My throttle cable came off our Continental ST cars at the Grand Am race in 09. Also in an MX-5. Love most of that track, but hate some bits of it. Especially that goofy decreasing radius part before you start heading back to the main straight.

  24. Post By Mara Monaghan

    Is the car in the thumbnail the one you drove? It looks like a meathead car, but I can't be certain

  25. Post By Tiberius Hrafn-Úlfur

    When are you going to be at Summit Point again? I live 20 minutes from the track

  26. Post By Matthew McCarthy

    We need more AER videos. You seem to be having a lot of fun driving there and you talk about it so much in the podcast that the rest of us need more videos like this. Even if it's GoPros slapped in as an after thought and half edited later, we still want to see it.

  27. Post By P. A. Grens

    Thanks for sharing, Matt. Bummer about the clutch, but the car sounded great and seemed set up really well. Nice driving!

  28. Post By Reasure

    may sound like a amateur question, but what are those nets for?

  29. Post By SpitfireR3v

    That's me passing Matt at 10:46!

  30. Post By googlyboobly51

    I can't wait to see laps from summit point! One of my favorite tracks on iracing, i've done god knows how many laps in an mx-5 and a skippy around that place! Best of luck and y'all definitely should have stolen the skippy shocks just the contemplation made for a helluva story.

  31. Post By mcolman02

    The NC needs more love, stiff rx8 derived chassis that accepts a v8 and fat tires no problem- modern AC cobra! Or 2.5 engine swap either built NA or turbo if you want to keep it simple. The balance and handling are obviously fantastic but this chassis can handle huge power adders unlike na/nb/nd

  32. Post By White Pony Guy

    That looks so fun!

  33. Post By mattybeatzkidd

    i remember you talking about this on the podcast. that sucks man you guys were doing well out their..

  34. Post By NoBrakes23

    Good shit. Look forward to seeing more from this series.

  35. Post By ErronGames

    Aw darn, well that is part of racing. But still was a really well put together video, and I always like your narration. You weren't joking with how aggressive they were! Phew! Looked like some really solid, really fun laps that you did get in though! +1 :)

  36. Post By Dori Dori

    Simple. He doesnt know how to drive.

  37. Post By Petrol_Head

    Ok this is new…. and I like it!

  38. Post By oz land


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