Radical Rides and the Optima Ultimate Streetcar Invitational

The Smoking Tire heads out to Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch for the Optima Batteries Ultimate Streetcar Invitational, where SEMA Showcars get the crap kicked out of them on the race track. While there, host Matt Farah not only gets to test out the track himself in a Lotus, but also gets a ride from a pro driver in a Radical SR3.


  1. Post By rhys wallace

    guys a fucking dick head. Takes the piss out of everybody and their cars while the fat fuck drives someone elses.

  2. Post By FreeeeBeer

    The Smoking Tire is hosted by a douche.

  3. Post By WH17Y

    Nothing quite like watching a bunch of sponsored cars built in surgically clean garages compete against each other. Where are they cars built by people doing it in the garage or the the driveway? Where are the cars built out of love not for the pursuit of more money? Where are the cars built on a budget, not with hundreds of thousands dollars provided by the sponsors of these events? Thanks to Optima, MAVTV, Forgeline, Stoptech, Lingenfelter, and the rest of these douche bag overpriced companies for making it harder and harder for those of us doing what we love on a (shrinking) budget.

  4. Post By Gavin Pouquette

    Blast from the past muthafuckas!

  5. Post By James Grech

    " my job is better than your vacation" nice t-shirt

  6. Post By pballer2005

    nice shirt right before you got into the radical

  7. Post By SarcasticGuava

    car at 11:24

  8. Post By reddsun1

    9:19 – gotta give at least some props to the bloke in the Charger. It takes a good bit of courage just to take a big mutha like that out on a road course and try to make it handle.

    LOL, those last 50 yds before turn-in looked to be a fairly tense moment. :-P

  9. Post By ting280

    they made the bently look like a cobalt lol

  10. Post By NagChampa72

    That 'old car' is anything but. The only old part on it is the body. It was built by Jeff Schwartz who is known for making the largest street barges handle like a new vette.

  11. Post By xxxxdarksidexxxx


  12. Post By xxxxdarksidexxxx

    wow thanks matt, woke up, baked, and totally enjoyed your 'car porn' in HD, that fucking yellow camero was bad ass and the guy driving, yea I enjoy that guy!

  13. Post By VampyrMygg

    old cars not meant for autocross? i'd like to see you try beat some of the old cars i compete against in AutoX :p

    and cheering for crashes? get back to the NASCAR circuit… it sounds like that's where ya belong..

  14. Post By Steve1968LS2

    No worries Jeff.. trolls like Bouncer typically turn out to be guys driving thier mom's hand me down Kia.. ;)

    Still, it would be fun to give Matt a run in a real pt car.. I think he would find it educational.

  15. Post By Matt C

    What a douche. Who the hell roots for people to wreck their car? Doesnt know jack either.

  16. Post By efren contreras

    that bentley is cool!

  17. Post By Paganiproductions

    Fact checking is hard these days

  18. Post By Denis Korol

    Woah matt was hanging on for dear life in the sr3 but then again i would probably do the same thing.Another job well done matt!

  19. Post By Firebert79TA

    Also, Matt implies that he was on the same track as the Optima cars. ("gonna see what this tracks all about before those guys get out there") Again no, he was on the short 1.3 mile radical loop. The OUSCI cars were on the larger 2.2 mile configuration. I'm still wondering, what was Matt's autocross time?

  20. Post By Firebert79TA

    So what Bouncer, Steve's car doesn't count because it has a higher price tag? The car is fast not just because it has the appropriate parts but because, unlike countless other cars, it's actually driven hard and well-sorted. Given an exact clone of Bad Penny do you think you could set it up and tune it to the same level?

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