Rally North America US50 in a Jeep SRT: Missouri to Colorado (Part 2/2)

The Smoking Tire continues west on Rally North America’s US50 rally from West Virginia to Colorado! In Part 2, we visit Jefferson City, Dodge City, and finish it off at Pueblo Motorsports Park!

For Part 1 Visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4abYHG6E1rM
Check out http://www.rallynorthamerica.com


  1. Post By Dukiny Gaming

    That's really interesting to see that they raise money for ms. My mother was diagnosed with it in 2011.

  2. Post By Tony Dunne

    I would have gone with Kurt Russell for a Wyatt Earp connection.

  3. Post By Thomas Pfaff


  4. Post By waclosh

    great vid, shows how much Matt and his mates care, and what sort of people they really are. Respect.

  5. Post By Ry Lew

    Hey Matt, I'm not sure if you've answered this already, but how much does a rally like this cost, start to finish? I've always been interested in these things, and would like to start doing them this year

  6. Post By Rob L

    Wonderful video Matt!! this is certainly on my bucket list of things to do. i was just wondering  how much on gas did you spend throughout the 5 days driving and going to motor sports raceways??

  7. Post By Andrew Jones

    That was a great video

  8. Post By TheStallion234

    +TheSmokingTire What is the song playing in background during the Kansas bit? Sounds like an Allman Brothers riff

  9. Post By Mr.Car

    Where was the boss 302?

  10. Post By Jim Rozzi

    Cool ….Thanks gang for a great video !

  11. Post By michael

    2:22 … "We Started this Rally because." lmao

  12. Post By Suzuki1776

    These were great!

  13. Post By Luis Carrillo

    We need more videos Matt! I love this channel.

  14. Post By TommyVercettiKing

    love that srt jeep

  15. Post By Fast Er

    Great video Matt, loved both parts. The police out in numbers to ticket you all was the sad part. In the end it's really not about the few lousy dollars they rob the motorists but the lost of trust. Every time you encounter these situations you lose some of your trust in law enforcement. And what is really the difference between a bribe and these kind of "taxation"?

  16. Post By Noah B

    Amazing video!

  17. Post By paradoxdesigns

    I think there's a little piece in all of us that wants to take on this adventure. 

  18. Post By Milly Badison

    Thanks for sharing.  I really have to do one of these next year.  Pretty much my exact car was in the video (G8).  Thanks for the great content and also the interaction you have with viewers in the comments.  Lastly, I've been through Kansas and Nebraska many times and Kansas is mountainous compared to Nebraska.

  19. Post By DanofNJ

    Really enjoyed this one. Thanks

  20. Post By Codin Chiritescu

    Awesome video. TST should have it's own syndicated TV show. You guys put out the best shows out of any YouTube automotive channels!

  21. Post By Egg1456

    You should let a mofo know when you were going to be in JC MO

  22. Post By Ben Kidder

    Hahaha I was in Colorado and saw them just by chance

  23. Post By James Maupin

    If you want good roads in Kansas you have to drive dirt. #kansasprobs

  24. Post By jolmeaki

    When are you going to start putting up vids on the mustang build?

  25. Post By Nate4641

    fuck yeah Z4M at 7:33

  26. Post By lkporter1989

    Hahaha kansas sounds alot like Saskatchewan Canada where I live… massive.. flat and mind numbingly straight… good for top speed runs tho haha

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