Range Rover: Getting Muddy With Mum – Carfection

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27 thoughts on “Range Rover: Getting Muddy With Mum – Carfection

  1. MICHGO1 says:


  2. Go miss mom show how to drive a 4 x 4

  3. watched this twice, what a lovely mum Alex……. i didn't come here to see the land rover, just to see your mum. Expecting more videos with you two

  4. That woman is a national treasure.

  5. Ian Irvin says:

    when you fall sick and can't film we'd watch her no problem! we love her already alex!

  6. Jib Dolly says:

    Your great, you should be on top gear!

  7. anitchka says:

    Your mum is AWESOME!

  8. This was excellent!!
    Well done.

  9. jody024 says:

    Mum is back! yay!

  10. Mathew Clark says:

    "You've done the difficult bits, this is the easy bit." laughs "I was a teacher for many years, that's what we always used to say before the REALLY tough bits!"


    Haha, your mom is classic, she doesn't need to co-host or anything but she's definitely welcome back on :)

  11. So good!! your mom is great !!

  12. she now truly understand what range rover is. an icon

  13. Ryan Konkel says:

    Your mom is Sir Elton John?!

  14. What a beautiful lady, Alex! Nice work, Alex's Mum! :-)

  15. "Does the Queen have one of these?" :-)))

  16. It would be nice to see you do comprehensive review on the new 2017 Infiniti Q60 Red Sport 400.

  17. C Bagz says:

    Agreed SSBB, this should be a regular piece.

  18. B T says:

    Good to see Alex is still around – I was about to unsub

  19. mjncad says:

    What a fun video. Will Alex take his Mum rock crawling next?

  20. John Wick says:

    The only thing that articulates better than the Rover is your mum!

  21. John Wick says:

    Her shawl or whatever it is is absolutely the dopest article of clothing I've ever seen.

  22. kilroy chile says:

    what a boring video and experience. Nothing to surprise.

  23. Great review Mum!

  24. Well… Range rovers are the best offroaders and we all know that

  25. Man, I love how this lady talks

  26. 6:23 Thug Life

  27. Your mum is better than all the host of the current TopGear

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