RCR New Zealand Tentative Schedule

This is the tentative schedule for RCR new Zealand.


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25 thoughts on “RCR New Zealand Tentative Schedule

  1. Z-Series says:

    Either do the Holden Statesman/Caprice or a Holden Commodore/Calais/Berlina. Those were all built by Australia so that way you can do an episode with two Australian cars rather than one (Holden Commodore and Ford Flacon)

  2. Dan T says:

    British car day in Wellington on Sunday February 11th.

  3. Peter Nield says:

    29 January is Auckland Anniversary day (Public Holiday just for the Auckland Region, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Auckland_Anniversary_Day), probably a good day to chill.

  4. Kumeu car show is a must.

  5. SLR5000

  6. trail& chill says:

    The south is the best part the north has kinda gone to the dogs

  7. Ben Rice says:

    If you want a "poverty spec" Skyline, do I have the car for you!

    2L, single cam and WORLD famous after winning a Hoonigan Burnout Kings competition:


  9. I hope you can find a prelude VTi-R

  10. josemend13 says:

    Which spreadsheet is best spreadsheet?

  11. SV550SRDR says:

    You guys are welcome to come and review my 2004 Nissan Stagea 350rx and my bike!

  12. OMG you have to link up with How to Dad and drive his Toyota Century.

  13. Kajifox says:

    4 cylinder Commodore.

    Unzudders got 'em and we didn't.

  14. GTFORDMAN says:

    beware of New Zealand fich and chips, they like to part cook the chips before throwing them in a bucket of cobngeiled fat!

  15. please review a 2nd gen honda prelude

  16. Do you reckon you can find a day to come by the Palmerston North area?

  17. Looking forward to the sheep review.

  18. PaJeezy says:

    You will have no problem finding a falcon ute, a holden, and a stock skyline, but you would be hard pressed to find an az1, there are ple ty of az3s though. Something you will notice is that every third car is a subaru legacy.

  19. robaxx says:

    Shame you'll miss Deco Weekend in Napier. Endless amazing cars and stuff. The South Island is all about the landscape and needs a 2 week road trip to see it properly.

  20. Occa Drumma says:


  21. alpalJL says:

    When are you gonna do the podcast? I gotta hear that episode!

  22. Oranges611 says:

    Why was there a map with somewhere in Ontario, Canada, highlighted at the bottom of that spreadsheet..?

  23. JettyLife23 says:

    Please meet up with Marty and Moog!

  24. LotusEliseNZ says:

    I live about 5 a minute drive from Auckland Airport if you need a place to set down when you get here. I also intend on having two fully functioning bathrooms by that stage to cope with the rigours of diarrhoea day.

  25. headcas620 says:

    How do you not have time for Australia? You don't have a day job. It only costs extra airfare and food because i'm sure you could stay with someone. It doesn't make sense to go all that way and not do it.

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