RCR Podcast 17


23 thoughts on “RCR Podcast 17

  1. puddud4 says:

    Roman you do know. Stop saying you don't know :)

  2. Serge says:

    Mr. Regular doesn't seem interested in the podcast to me. Seems more concerned with his ski's more than anything else.

  3. Greg Horton says:

    It's too bad Nick has a bad image of D.F.W. (his personal life) that spoils the idea of reading Infinite Jest, the book has a lot to offer (especially as Nick seems to appreciate a well-turned phrase).

  4. coco kane says:

    Mr Regular looking SWOLE

  5. I would love to see a regular car review of a 1999 Toyota Solara v6. Make it happen and I'll suck you off like I'm a male prius owner

  6. Chris N says:

    Mr. Regular's doing basically what I do when I'm skype-chillen with someone. Relaxing busy work.

  7. Michel Pham says:

    I'd love to see you do a malibu 78 to 83

  8. john marston says:

    Are these guys stoners?

  9. Alec Jones says:

    No sky talk

  10. Love this podcast

  11. Hey Mr. regular! wanna review a 2017 promaster hightop 1500? I just bought it and figured you might like the opportunity since I drive through Pennsylvania once a month from buffalo to Washington d.c.

  12. Alex Landers says:

    Where is west bumble fuck near lol?

  13. I don't like that you said "Tom Sawyer" like it should be obvious…It's obvious that it's their most popular one, and it IS great, but I would even go as far as saying it's my least favourite on Moving Pictures. Listen to the albums, guys; you might find something you love!

  14. The death of Bill Paxton hit me somewhat hard for some weird reason. He was a good guy (I think he was)

  15. Dknife9 says:


  16. Jim Shulman says:

    Wax on, wax off

  17. Lets get a Jeep XJ review!

  18. A-aron says:

    Mr Regular. The person to save all his work until he actually has to do something and has to try and do it all at once.

  19. Ken Hamlin says:

    I've never had good experience with rub on wax. It helps a little but not much, and only lasts a day or two, and takes an an entire podcast to put on. At 7-Springs on the east side of PA you can get your board/skis hot waxed and sharpened for $30 and they can usually have you in and out in 1-2 hours and it will last the entire season and perform so much better.

  20. Pat Stay and Arsonal? I like your guys' show but over and over again Roman proves that I cannot connect with his tastes.

  21. Some of Mr. R's reactions to some of the things Roman says in this one are amazing.

  22. Toxic Potato says:

    Hearing you guys talk about relationship related issues really makes me anxious. I feel the same insecurity as the Roman, but I don't think I'll stay sane (or alive for that matter) if I drag it into my mid 30s.

  23. The lyft stories got me wondering, are you gonna do another AT hitchhiker stories thing?

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