RCR Podcast 17



  1. Post By puddud4

    Roman you do know. Stop saying you don't know :)

  2. Post By Serge

    Mr. Regular doesn't seem interested in the podcast to me. Seems more concerned with his ski's more than anything else.

  3. Post By Greg Horton

    It's too bad Nick has a bad image of D.F.W. (his personal life) that spoils the idea of reading Infinite Jest, the book has a lot to offer (especially as Nick seems to appreciate a well-turned phrase).

  4. Post By coco kane

    Mr Regular looking SWOLE

  5. Post By WrxSTi06 EJ207T

    I would love to see a regular car review of a 1999 Toyota Solara v6. Make it happen and I'll suck you off like I'm a male prius owner

  6. Post By Chris N

    Mr. Regular's doing basically what I do when I'm skype-chillen with someone. Relaxing busy work.

  7. Post By Michel Pham

    I'd love to see you do a malibu 78 to 83

  8. Post By john marston

    Are these guys stoners?

  9. Post By Alec Jones

    No sky talk

  10. Post By Tom Fitisemanu

    Love this podcast

  11. Post By Andrew Harris

    Hey Mr. regular! wanna review a 2017 promaster hightop 1500? I just bought it and figured you might like the opportunity since I drive through Pennsylvania once a month from buffalo to Washington d.c.

  12. Post By Alex Landers

    Where is west bumble fuck near lol?

  13. Post By RockBassist2112

    I don't like that you said "Tom Sawyer" like it should be obvious…It's obvious that it's their most popular one, and it IS great, but I would even go as far as saying it's my least favourite on Moving Pictures. Listen to the albums, guys; you might find something you love!

  14. Post By Dima Nesterov

    The death of Bill Paxton hit me somewhat hard for some weird reason. He was a good guy (I think he was)

  15. Post By Dknife9


  16. Post By Jim Shulman

    Wax on, wax off

  17. Post By Raamie DarkThorn

    Lets get a Jeep XJ review!

  18. Post By A-aron

    Mr Regular. The person to save all his work until he actually has to do something and has to try and do it all at once.

  19. Post By Ken Hamlin

    I've never had good experience with rub on wax. It helps a little but not much, and only lasts a day or two, and takes an an entire podcast to put on. At 7-Springs on the east side of PA you can get your board/skis hot waxed and sharpened for $30 and they can usually have you in and out in 1-2 hours and it will last the entire season and perform so much better.

  20. Post By Creighton Miller

    Pat Stay and Arsonal? I like your guys' show but over and over again Roman proves that I cannot connect with his tastes.

  21. Post By BearerOfBricks

    Some of Mr. R's reactions to some of the things Roman says in this one are amazing.

  22. Post By Toxic Potato

    Hearing you guys talk about relationship related issues really makes me anxious. I feel the same insecurity as the Roman, but I don't think I'll stay sane (or alive for that matter) if I drag it into my mid 30s.

  23. Post By Nick Belanger

    The lyft stories got me wondering, are you gonna do another AT hitchhiker stories thing?

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