RCR Roadtrip: Part 1 of 10

We head west on the PA Turnpike

42 thoughts on “RCR Roadtrip: Part 1 of 10

  1. funshootin1 says:

    West of Ohio the topography is so flat it's mind numbing .. just flat farm feilds forever and no geographic landmarks save a few rolling hills.

  2. IT'S POP

  3. Drive a vw jetta. Everything rattles. There is so many after a while it doesn't bother you. When it's especially cold you get some constant rattles on all but the smoothest of roads.

  4. how do you have the discipline to go so slowly for such a long time? on a dead straight, rather empty road?

  5. BlackKronix says:

    I love that y'all are somewhat local to me so in all of your vids I get most of the references that you make to the east coast and jersey and such.

  6. i skipped past the first part of the video and immediate hear "we where in cvs and where confounded with the many choices of sun tan lotion" in that awesome, sarcastic, slightly monotone, liquid gold, of a voice XD

  7. MCMiridion says:

    1:39 This part is so true.

  8. Very cool

  9. Fred E says:

    You know the comments before the comments roll in, It saves a lot of useless comments from showing up.

  10. Greg Manson says:

    damn you guys drive so slow. trucks are passing you…

  11. The plastic rattle is the interior panel push pin…have the same problem on my wifes civic.

  12. I once bought pop and brought it back to eastern PA. It was disastrous.

  13. Yossi Lipton says:

    I love his raunch voice.

  14. Scott Brixey says:

    You guys need to do an acura rsx for me

  15. Isaac W. says:

    in oregon we call it soda pop ? also, MUHAHAHA OUR DIABOLICAL PLAN TO DRIVE THEM BOTH MAD IS WORKING!!! yess honda fit, Do your worst!

  16. 72Disco1998 says:

    Soda to Pop!! HAHA

  17. Marc Creter says:


  18. mkm230 says:

    I KNOW THAT RATTLE. My mom had a 2007 Fit Sport that would do that. It didn't bother her, but I had to drown it out with music any time I got anywhere near it. Never did figure it out, though…

  19. ScrayXXI says:

    I know where all of this is!  Went to Berks for a few years.  Keep it up RC.

  20. Brent Miller says:

    Thoughts on Altoona? XD

  21. tartredarrow says:

    VOLVOS at Carlisle. It's a swapmeet.

  22. I have a Fit. I have both issues mentioned about the car. I just took the rubber thing off completely. Also, the rattle is in the dash where it meets the windshield. Mine stopped doing it after a while, either that or I've gotten used to it.

  23. The Mason-Dixon Line of soft beverages bwahahaha it's too true.

  24. YOU HAVE TO DO A VTEC LOL preferably a 2000 sir, VTEC YO

  25. Serge Kulyk says:

    Road trip footage and a voice-over saying "We should have left 3 hours ago", had a "Roadkill episode" moment.

  26. You guys should do a meet on the west side of the river sometime

  27. I totally wish I had some way of meeting up with you to let you drive my 1987 Nissan NX Pulsar. (I live around SLC, UT, but a little difficult to drive out to Boulder, CO with my work schedule.) This is going to be an awesome trip. Can't wait for the updates.

  28. motorin25 says:

    HAHA wow Carlisle… Both times I've ever passed through Carlisle I've had vehicle trubble, and weirdly both times ended up stranded at the Flying J on I-81 for hours. The lady the operates the area taxi is a frightening driver and is accidentally hilarious!

  29. The only other thing that I can think of that you would be going to Carlisle for is visiting Giant's corporate office. Or a truck stop.

  30. Was the ford nationals, I showed up with my modified Focus st!  

    wheres that video!!! 

  31. I believe it was Fords at Carlisle. It's amazing that even the exit ramps get backed up!!

  32. hendo337 says:

    I lost it on "Big Black Fleshlight" :D

  33. Alex Kuhn says:


  34. inudude15 says:

    Damn, I was just on that bridge a few weeks ago, heading down to the Tail of the Dragon.  In MY! Honda S2000…

    BTW, was it me or are those "traffic advisories" total BS?  The whole drive down they were all flashing, even past PA and it was utterly smooth sailing save for the Capitol Beltway…

  35. 969thewhip says:

    That was the Ford Show in Carlisle. I'm in Shippensburg and we still call it soda. Good luck on the trip!

  36. DATDesign says:

    "We're driving into the part where soda turns into pop" had me laughing! So true.

    Nice to see YouTube videos that are popular with someone who knows and shares wonky PA culture.

    Yinz have a good trip now!

  37. Have you heard of hit pivothead sunglasses? They're sunglasses that have an HD camera on the Nose-bridge. They are way more comfortable to film with then a go pro and only cost $200

  38. MrMn19 says:

    Western Pennsylvania is much better than eastern PA

  39. Keven Ardon says:

    For past or future reference I would say drive on Mullholland drive in LA if you guys did take some pics and video…. Wonderful scenery and great roads especially at night…. And take some pics of the Hollywood Sign if you haven't already or if your able…. Hope you guys have/had a great trip…. Really like your reviews… Keep it up!!!

  40. Bryan Beato says:


  41. Sorry about the traffic guys……it was Ford Nationals!!!! I was there, all the way from CT.

  42. JECZ says:

    He drives very awkward and slow.

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