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  1. Anyone can buy/register/insure any retired military vehicle that's up for sale, private or government. The only restriction you really have is how much money you want to spend on it, and how its registered as within your state DOT regulations. We've got a military vehicle collection, and for years we've never heard of a wartime MB Jeep being considered a weapon. I get if your buying a retired old Humvee off a government lot and they need to check your background, I understand that. But to call a Humvee a weapon, is also calling a Geo Metro a weapon as well. That's a bit extreme don't you think?

  2. Justin mentioned having one of these in high school: Whatever happened to the Front Wheel Drive Dodge Daytona/Shelby Charger? Was it just another vehicle that ran its course and then left the public's eye with age? There doesn't appear to be much of a racing/tuning scene surrounding it; although whether that's a good or bad thing is subjective.

  3. Ag TODAY says:

    I meant to say Old classic muscle car

  4. Bmac 814 says:

    My second car was a purple 83 rampage. I loved that thing even though it really was a turd, it had carb issues that I never really got worked out but it was my daily for a while. I put a horizon interior in it and planned to swap a 22 turbo into it but I was 16 or 17 at the time and that was beyond my ability at the time. I ended up getting a Shelby Z Daytona after that which at the time was pretty quick for a kid, I'm sure these days any old shitbox would be as fast as it was.

  5. I saw an LS swapped 2nd gen. MR2 on Craigslist. I want it, but don't trust my driving skills enough to handle the over steer.

  6. I'll be up at Carlisle in July if you want to review my Daytona Shelby.

  7. Jose Bello says:

    Lamps…. for "studio" lighting you might need to make some extra lighting

  8. Dan Green says:

    Gotta say I had a lot of fun listening to this and doing my daily things

  9. shit man, i was gonna go to Centralia this spring, i went there a few years ago with my wife but the weather was pretty shitty so we didn't stay long and we didn't even get a chance to go up on the hill and walk around on the dick highway. we just walked around in what would have been downtown, my dog took a shit in the median of what i assume was the main street at one point, and then we left. that's a bummer, i wanted to go back with my gropro and shoot some shit.

  10. dude, get some lamps! cozy that joint up a bit, overhead lights (crack lights, as we call them around here in upstate NY) suck balls. i dunno, i get depressed in that kind of lighting, i'd rather have 3 or 4 small lamps in a room than one gross overhead light.

  11. I nominate Bruce Henn for the next episode of this!

  12. Elton Joel says:

    You can easily title a car without a title online thru Vermont, you even get VT plates you can slap on at the end of the process. There's vids on YouTube showing you what to do.

  13. I have seen a customized Grumman llv for sale with left hand drive a couple years ago here in Rochester

  14. The Mercury Marauder was actually a whole lot more than just a graphics and ground effects package for the Grand Marquis. While it did use the 4.6 it was the dual Overhead Cam 4.6 from the 2003 Mach 1 Mustang and Lincoln Aviator. Which made 302HP while the the stock single jingle in the Marquis and CV made 224hp. While most of the brake and suspension were from the PI there were a few changes, like the rear shocks being moved outboard of the frame rails and getting a rack and pinion steering rack as apposed to the recirculating ball design used on the rest of the Panther Bodies.

  15. Charlie Dowd says:

    On your way to Toronto stop in Youngstown, and have beers at my house on the lake. Bless. Bless.

  16. Jason Tyo says:

    Ford Probes were all over my highschool. One guy had a first gen one with a period ford Taurus 3.0 V6, i think it was automatic. Also turbo K cars were horribly underrepresented in my honda and GT2 obsessed youth culture.

  17. Mopar Miata says:

    I have a '93 LeBaron convertible with the Mitsubishi 3.0l V6, Come review it next time you're in Minnesota! 51:00

  18. thinredpaste says:

    I regret missing this opportunity to argue about which of us is the real justin cramer. There can be only one.

  19. Do a review over the 1991 Geo Metro

  20. Kyle Morgese says:

    cyclone/typhoons didn't have a grand national engine, that was a 3.8T , the trucks had a 4.3T lol :P

  21. Nathan M says:

    phantom power has a huge capacitor in it so the light stays on forever. It's for condenser mics that require an external power source. Looks like you've got dynamic mics, so you don't need that.

  22. Mark Lister says:

    Shure-aka sauce? Oh, Sriracha. I always call it "sir-acha".

  23. Day 1: I see a small dog in the distance.
    Day 2: The small dog approaches me as I gaze in it's direction.
    Day 3: The small dog seems almost to get smaller as it approaches.
    Day 4: The small dog is nearly at my feet now.

  24. Eric Rose says:

    The dreaded GM dustbuster van.

  25. Gavin Irvine says:

    you are going to fucking England.

  26. Hey, this was pretty good. Hopefully you guys make more of these!

  27. This is a room in my house!

  28. Nick Sisson says:

    Please review a Civic ep3 type-R in Britain. it would be great to see you compare it to the ep3 Si

  29. old people are so cute when they struggle with technology awww

  30. Can confirm, the CVT in the Subaru BRZ felt good when I test drove it for giggles.

  31. Dear god man. Let me help you setup sound and lighting.

  32. qmto says:

    It kills me how i know almost nothing about how cars work and yet, thanks to wikipedia and Gran Turismo, i know a lot about car models, trims and model years. And i get frustrated when RCR and friends get years or models wrong or confused. I only know about cars from the outside. They seem to know them from the inside.

  33. Shagadelic says:

    nutz are considered a bludgeoning weapon. That's fucking hilarious

  34. Mustang429gt says:

    44:25 1994 and 1995 were the only years for the 5.0L in the SN95. That's also the only years for the horizontal tri-bar taillights, so that's the easy way to tell.

  35. Ben Capets says:

    When is RCR going to show us his face?

  36. Clint R says:

    You guys are killing me with these couch videos, can you please review a weed whacker or something?

  37. "I'll give ya a bill o' sale"

  38. Kacey H says:

    Your PA accent comes out a bit when you start talking about motorcycles.

  39. Please do more of these

  40. whose Kramer ?

  41. Truck nuts are awful and should be illegal, but not because they can be used as a weapon. They're classless.

  42. Early Chrysler minivans are a great investment.

  43. My boss just spent thousands replacing the top on an 2000s Sebring. Why hasn't RCR done it yet? Someone slashed the old top and she had to replace it. Plus it has very low miles. She still spends a lot to keep it running. Why. I don't know.

  44. Just saw a MG Midget on Craigslist. Considering making an offer. Should I?

  45. First generation Chrysler minivans are rarer than Ferraris on Craigslist.

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