Regular Car Reviews: Citi Golf

The South African Citi Golf is. Why is VW still making this car? Why is an American reviewing it? Why can’t I think about the book? It continues is-ing. What is? Swazy-Land. Fun to be a passenger.

22 thoughts on “Regular Car Reviews: Citi Golf

  1. Jon Donnelly says:

    If I had this, I'd fit one of those old tape players with a changer in the boot (with a sdcard changer emulator and 100+cds) and get some tartan Gti seats. Then enjoy all its retronessy goodness. Mabye that what I will call it. Retronessy, Loch Ness Monster rare car in Scotland. Hey have you seen the 2010 mk1 Golf. Ahh you mean you bought it in 2010 and restored it. No. It was built in 2010. Yeah in your backyard. No it was built in 2010 in a VW factory. Yeah it looks factory mint. No you are not misunderstanding me. I bought it 2018 used, it was made in 2010 in a factory in South Africa. Ahh those crazy South Africans, rolling panels from 40 gallon drums making these crazy replicas. No you are unmisunderstanding me! Its not a replica, its not fixer-uper. It is all original from the factory. Ahh I get it, so its such good nick because of the Climate in South Africa. Noooo. Its a new car. An actual new car in 2010! made in a VW factory! by VW employees! Why would anyone do that? Why not just sell Skoda Fabias? Wasn't that the whole point of VW buying Skoda? This car cannot exist, it cannot be a thing. It is an actual thing, that makes no sense, should not exist and no one in there right mind would buy in 2010. That's why I want one, its endured so much for so long and in the end it dosn't even matter. Cause it is Golf mk1 2010.

  2. Jon Donnelly says:

    This is a lovely retro car with the appeal of a classic without the rust. Anything you can do with a Mk1 Golf you can do with this. I want one. I want to hold onto it until it becomes a double classic, a classic car modern made becomes a classic again due to age. That some real mindfukery right there.

  3. Red yellow blue not green

  4. Marklin15 says:

    THE BOOK is an old history book of Gettysburg. Source: Mr. R told us on todays live stream on 2/26/18.

  5. spankmeister says:

    Mmmmm vintage RCR

  6. Hunter Lowe says:

    I'm south african and I LOOOOVEEEE THIS

  7. Well i am a lager with beef drinking South African that drove a citi golf…. and you my man…. are a cunt….

  8. Nathan Myo says:

    1:40 lol

  9. T H E B O O K 無浦 遠無ス代も

  10. B O O C C

  11. 1:09 made my ears bleed

  12. 1:41 THE BOOK

  13. I still like this video….. All these years later

  14. it was in the final minute of that video that I realized something. My computer makes noise while it idles. Now the box has it's door on the ground, and I'm replaying the final minute to figure out where the sound is coming from, of course not as I type this.

  15. meteor smash says:


  16. It's weird that this looks so different to what he makes now but seems so similar

  17. steve vox says:

    Swaziland is a wonderful, mountainous gloryhole secluded from the rest of SA. Its got streams and mountain and eucalyptus forests as far as you can see, sometimes. The Kingdom of Swaziland is certainly worth a visit. and ya know… some of them have cars and stuffffff…

  18. CenterWing says:

    So what is the book?

  19. C. Tipton says:

    What is the the book!?

  20. wow, i really waited to the end

  21. what the fuck kind of book is that?

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