Regular Car Reviews: Fund Anything Campaign Video

Regular Car Reviews is a parody car show. We poke fun at car-culture by obscenely reviewing everyday vehicles. Think of it as a comedy roast for automobiles.

Regular Car Reviews is independent. We have no agent, no producer, and no budget. We are only two people, with two cameras, and one homemade steady cam rig made out pipe.

Even though we have no budget, Regular Car Reviews has grown from about 1,000 YouTube subscribers in September 2013, to 45,000+ subscribers by February 2014. That is over 200 new subscribers a day and over three million total views.

We are regularly featured on the premier auto blog Jalopnik every week, as well as Car Throttle, Auto Evolution, Car Memes, Car Buzz, Bang-Shift and of course /r/cars on Reddit.

We, were also guests on The Smoking Tire Podcast with Matt Farah where our videos have been featured too.

Our fan base has grown so enthusiastically that we have over 600 car offers from fans who want us to review their cars in verbosely disparaging ways.

Our only vehicle, a 2002 Toyota Echo 5-speed was lost in a traffic accent a few days ago. Everyone is safe, don’t worry. This car was to be our chariot for a cross-country road trip. We planned to visit all the generous people who offered their cars to be roasted.

We are raising money to replace our little Toyota Echo and to fund our grand filming adventure.

41 thoughts on “Regular Car Reviews: Fund Anything Campaign Video

  1. Deathexia00 says:

    It's odd to see this on my suggested video list, I've been a Patreon supporter of yours for a good while now and I'm proud and happy to see that 308+ thousand subscriber base that you guys have now! You did it, you didn't let it end. Thank you RCR for providing us with an entirely new perspective on car culture!

  2. Godmason says:

    You're almost at 150k subscribers.

  3. Yuck Fou says:

    If you get out to Sacramento CA I got a 2010 Evo MR you can review.

  4. get a fiero
    Get the alternate future america
    DO IT

  5. spraynpray says:

    Drive my vette.  I want you to repeatedly say "AND YOU CAN BEAT ON IT!"

  6. Miata. Track day bro?

  7. Alex says:

    $17,541 as of now!!

  8. Don't buy a Miata. Be yourselfs. Buy another Prius. Or a Corolla. Or a Rav4. I just don't care.

    Cheers from Brazil.

  9. Ive got a 1987 ford escort with some "mods" you could review.

  10. All my luvs. It's great to see how much money you already got from this, you deserve every single cent you get. Hell, If I don't see you saving american Top Gear, I call bullshit on BBC.

  11. SLarson says:

    I saw you have raised about $16k, take that money and buy something you have been wanting. I would buy a S2000 in a heartbeat lol

  12. narcoti says:

    You got my $10, please don't buy a prius.

  13. Happy to see you got way more than expected. Can't wait to see a regular car review for your new (used) car!

  14. When I saw your echo exploded I was immediately stricken with grief!  I don't give money much.  I mean, I gave to St Jude's this year but that was because they got me with their free return stickers.  FREE STICKERS.  And the kids are just so convincing!  

    So…the only cure for my grief, the only thing I could do was toss a few bucks your way.  You better hit the road with the best damn car and equipment you can buy. Your videos are the best damn thing to happen to car reviews since sitting on my couch watching motorweek with my dad in the 80s.  (DODGE THE CONES)

    AND…and…maybe…if you hit Erie, PA on your way across you can stop here and stare the blue paint and chipped rims on my wrx.  If you don't, I'll still be watching your road trip every step of the way.  

    Cheers and good luck!

  15. SHEMALE PORN ADDI-Oh wait wrong video.

  16. AeroMad91 says:

    $15,533 raised so far!
    You should come over to the UK and review a few cars over here!

  17. You guys are halfway to your dwelling

  18. nanochase says:

    $15325 Damn
    You could get three used miatas for that!
    Go forth Mr. Regular!!!
    Go forth and change the world with your Shemale P#rn Addiction

  19. deigima says:

    can somone link me the matt farah thing? ive searched for it with no luck

  20. bong cow says:

    Dont you get money from views from YouTube?

  21. Fred Perez says:

    oh my, just came up with an idea, just in case if ol does not come back to the roads, look for a cheap car in those iaai or copart auction sites

  22. 15 grand! incredible

  23. JamesR3d says:

    That's enough money to buy an brand new Chevy sonic.

  24. Mario K says:

    Can you review my 2010 Kia Forte? Please 

  25. solopony says:

    Wow you can probably buy a fleet of Echo's now.

  26. Tyler Bullen says:

    It deserves to be in a museum.

  27. might i reccomend a first gen neon? they are fun little cars that if you maintain correctly will take quite a bit of abuse, for all intensive purposes they have a (not crappy) mitsubishi motor that was re designed and feel like gokarts, i know with mine it has yet to leave me stranded anywhere that a small bit of wire, some ductape, a couple zip ties or a spare tire could not get me out of

  28. Pablo Picaso says:


  29. Laimis says:

    14.2k and growing keep it up boys.
    loads of trips !!!!

  30. Billy Young says:

    Wanna come to Canada!?!? and review my 1998 Honda CRV!?!

  31. Anderson says:

    14000 already?? Crowd funding is an amazing thing. Anyway I just found your channel and as a starving student I know what life is like. Donated please keep doing what you do!

  32. I want my car on the show now. Lol.

  33. paypal seems to be crashin out on me today. expect to see another $10 from me in the next couple days. i still need you to "review" my 2013 Camaro

  34. guy31342 says:

    car comedy you say?
    top gear.

  35. With the all the funding you 're getting, you ought to buy something not too crappy… Mk1 Elise "bro"?

  36. of course I would help with money. so you've got little from Denmark

  37. I donated a few dollars! Gotta get you back on the road.

  38. YEAH YOU ALLREADY HAVE ALMOST 14000 DOLLARS lol you can buy a epic car now 

  39. I threw in a couple bucks, well worth it for the amusement you've provided. Get something practical, and let's see that road trip :)

  40. GBXS says:

    That's going to be one hell of a road trip.

  41. psychomelody says:

    Come to Japan if you get enough money. There's some awesome stuff you can review here!

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