REPLAY: Day 5 Live From Bowling Green, KY! – HOT ROD Drag Week 2013

Day 5 of HOT ROD Drag Week live from Beech Bend Raceway in Bowling Green, KY

Catch the entire week of programming on the Motor Trend channel ( September 9th through September 13th. Daily live stream presented by Pep Boys Speed Shop begins at 8:30am CST!

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8 thoughts on “REPLAY: Day 5 Live From Bowling Green, KY! – HOT ROD Drag Week 2013

  1. zayas6999 says:


  2. T1000AX says:

    6:54:24 nice pass in the valiant

  3. shawn fink 3:15:50     

  4. I'll squirt umm for ya

  5. good fast

  6. goldt denis says:

    wtf blablalblalbvblalblablalbal omg

  7. 9 hours,I just wanted to see the red Monte Carlo in the thumbnail.HOT ROD/Peterson put their selves out of business…who can afford what their advertisers demand? HOT ROD/HONK/CARCRAFT…they went the way of Detroit…

  8. man this was my 1st drag week watchin it from the internet…..guys…..I have one thing to say….. I FREAKIN LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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