Richard Hammond Does F1 (HQ) – Top Gear – Series 10 – BBC

Richard takes the Renault R25 Formula 1 car for a spin round the legendary Silverstone track. Can he steel his nerves to complete 2 laps without destroying the very expensive vehicle? Clip taken from series 10, episode 7.

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23 thoughts on “Richard Hammond Does F1 (HQ) – Top Gear – Series 10 – BBC

  1. dakariszulu says:

    First time he's gone fast and not used his face as a handbrake..

  2. My car cost me as much as an F1 rear view mirror…….

  3. nutsackmania says:

    God Top Gear was a great show.

  4. John Gavlick says:

    Who else knew that gavin free filmed the slowmo for this

  5. DMan 9971 says:

    So the prices are insanely jacked up, kind of like anything the U.S. government pays for with our tax dollars….good to know.

  6. They should do something like this on the grand tour, but with James May… See how long he'd survive…

  7. sjonhigh says:

    I would have cried my eyes out after these laps. Dream come true. Hope Hammond enjoyed it enough

  8. dman manman says:

    Lol imagine if he drove the 2004 spec cars when they had a chunk more downforce…

  9. Eggsdayz says:

    Driving F1 cars in games is already hard.

  10. punch3870 says:

    anyone else who thinks it sounds like he's saying "horsepah" everytime he talks about horsepower?

    "this ho'hatch has 87 horsepah'"

  11. this was awesomeeeee

  12. Which episode is this from? In the video description it says 10E7, but that is not correct.

  13. Derek Wall says:

    are they really that difficult to drive? you have to really know your cars transmission and how to balance the throttle, and know when to slow down for the infield turns and how much to slow down. and for $2,500,000-$3,000,000 a pop that's an expensive car, engine and transmission. but she's worth every single penny

  14. BApple says:

    is there anything faster than an F1 car on track?

  15. Well, still much better than Maldonado..

  16. Casino LP says:

    oh my god o.O after all these years i`ve only just realized that these weird asian signs on the car I was always wondering about is actually supposed to picture an f1 car ^^ the last decade i've lived a lie :P

  17. Alok Kumar says:

    I found this awesome all in one cheat for Real Racing 3 :) Richard Hammond Does F1 (HQ) – Top Gear – Series 10 – BBC

  18. Did he use rain tires in the front?

  19. Thomas Orr says:

    Richard you lucky one so jealous lol

  20. Gregz0r says:

    Sim racing is one thing, but throw in real-world G-forces and self-preservation senses, and it's a whole different ballgame.
    Even renowned sim racing 'alien' Greger Huttu couldn't cope, when attempting to drive Barber-Dodge(or similar) cars at Road Atalanta, a few years ago.

  21. jon culp says:

    Wish there was a clean camera angle of him racing, or just point of view the whole time. All of the fancy video cuts make it hard to tell what is happening.

  22. The helmet cam is awesome!

  23. noob

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