RM Sotheby’s Paris 2018 auction repeat stream | evo

RM Sotheby’s offered a number of iconic classic and high performance cars at its annual Paris auction on 7 February.

Read evo’s round-up of the auction here: http://bit.ly/2En37yq

13 thoughts on “RM Sotheby’s Paris 2018 auction repeat stream | evo

  1. Vyasa Dodson says:

    That 275 gtb spent almost two full minutes at 2,200,000. I think they were 50k away from selling and they were really trying to snag that commission. By contrast all of the bidding for the 250gt was less than two minutes.

  2. Karl Shaw says:

    Seems odd that he has someone using the gavel

  3. Homework for french right here

  4. Who cares about these auctions??? @evo sort out ECOTY video….

  5. Harry Metcalfe should have bought the '72 Mangusta. Less than the cost of a used combine harvester. Then again, he could probably have got it for 15 grand ten years ago.

  6. Martin Asis says:

    no la Ferrari no enzo no tdf? thats a change…

  7. This rocks, l mean let's have more of this lateral stuff, that operates in the sublime zone of the auto business. It's a win win for Southeby's; Commission PLUS "buyers premium"!

  8. freibier says:

    I wish I had that much money to participate in an auction like this.

  9. Clay Octane says:

    Selling classic cars and live streaming it using a classic camera

  10. Mike F says:

    I love how he’s speaking like 4 languages any given sentence.

  11. Adrian Swan says:

    Wow an F40 sold less than a MC12. I thought the f40 was one of the best driving Ferrari's ever. I guess that's not worth much. Not saying the mc12 is a bad car.

  12. firelizard2 says:

    Honestly, I will send you an HD camera, free of charge.

  13. hello

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