Road Trip! Subaru Outback Through the Outback

We take Subaru’s Outback to its namesake to find out if it deserves the title.

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Shot by: Jim Gleason
Edited by: Jim Gleason

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24 thoughts on “Road Trip! Subaru Outback Through the Outback

  1. Nice film. It a big shame you sold out to the Americans. Don't you have any pride? I am not an Aussie by the way. I would never sell out my culture like you have just done.

  2. As an Australian, I feel embarrassed for this bloke :-/

  3. Josharoo says:

    All of your distances are wrong. Yes you're using miles but atleast get it right. U can't just swap out km to miles. It's 400km to goyders line, not miles. And almost 6000km to Darwin, not miles

  4. Hieu Huynh says:

    Great trip to test out the very "under rated" AWD family car.

  5. DeepBlackice says:

    I know how capable a Subaru is and I hope these guys decreased their tyre pressure for maximum traction

  6. MT, more videos like this please!

  7. Ade Larsen says:

    Crocs are only dangerous if you find yourself in their mouth. Besides that they're harmless.

  8. I own a Forester and live in a National Forest. XD

  9. johngmc65 says:

    Reminds me of Moab Utah.

  10. He's not James May, but he's James May Australian cousin

  11. krashdown102 says:

    27:27 Thats weird isis has a office building in darwin

  12. Great video but you should avoid extreme close ups of your face until you get some serious dental work.

  13. WWWYZZ3RDDD says:

    get out of my face bro…

  14. mabamabam says:

    Nice vid but you need to narrate a little slower. A couple seconds pause in between sentences would make thing easier to understand and give a chance to look at the pretty pictures.

    And you shiny new hat looks stupid

  15. No wonder Australia is dubbed the 54th State of the US. Once we had individuality – unique aussieness that made Australia Australia – today we are too eager to shine the boots of the American Masters – no longer comrades in arms – Master and Servant. Anything Aussie that Yanks might blip their eyes at- what? Humble Aussies quickly resort to the US vernacular to avoid offending the Master – after all if it ain't recognised in America might as well dump it eh?

  16. Bob Hope says:

    Nice place, but I wouldn't bring my baby there.

  17. I drove through parts of the Stuart hwy, thanks for the memories

  18. M.T . needs to bring back this series

  19. sgs753 says:

    What brand tires did they mount on the Subaru??

  20. Tommi Burr says:

    I see aukland at 6:13 I live in new zealand

  21. Great Trip and Video! But why use Imperial measurements? Aussies have evolved away from that mess!

  22. Jacob TJ says:

    outstanding video.. why we buy these specialized cars to enjoy the great outbacks :-)

  23. awesome video. brings back memories of my Perth to Canberra trip in 1986

  24. Jeff Parry says:

    8o mile an hour!? =128Kph really on those tyres. Awesome.

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