Rolls Royce Rally Car

The new Rolls Royce Phantom Rally Spec!

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36 thoughts on “Rolls Royce Rally Car

  1. Plz subscribe #AshwiniNimje

  2. This is not a tracktor

  3. Why you dont use wraith or phantom coupe?

  4. Doing everything to a rolls Royce you should not really do

  5. Jay stebbeds says:

    I can't stand the thought of these cars sat in a garage somewhere for years not used, they were built by the best engineers in the world and they crave to be driven like this, this is what they were built for!!! So good to see one being uses properly ♥

  6. Mrspyder14 says:

    Looks like boss is not home

  7. Supper driving

  8. itni mahengi gadi ki vat laga dali

  9. this is badass. i would do the same if i had one.

  10. Shazzkid says:

    Drifting on a sodden grass field=/=rally

  11. 楽しそう(KONAMI感)

  12. Christina says:

    Just a normal day on gta..

  13. jst dream

  14. drive a car on wet grass thts not mean rally car

  15. lijin philip says:

    Using as a tractor

  16. normie x says:

    That`s it! The butler is fired.

  17. The music is just perfect with the video

  18. Lots of people think he rents these cars. If he does…

    His balls are bigger than your house!

  19. MrRickyRc says:

    Chi è ricco fa il cazzo che vuole.

  20. Get your money's worth

  21. Dr. Me says:

    amazing I love it

  22. old freddy says:

    Das kann jedes auto

  23. ryan craig says:

    That is the best car with the Ferrari

  24. Juss Juss says:

    Fck a retarded destroying grave

  25. Francisco DG says:


  26. mxecia es deda motynulis shvili

  27. Vasudev

  28. kaspar M says:

    And nobody got money for fix grass

  29. Abdul Salman says:


  30. ninejets says:

    The definition of "drive like you stole it" …

  31. I'd do the same thing

  32. Abdul Rawoof says:


  33. this is the very horny Sir Toby on his way to the lechereous Lady Lucilles fucking mansion amidst the lawns of Woodstock.

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