Rubbin’ Shuntin’ & Bumpin’: The World’s Best Racing Is In Texas – XCAR

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We went to Texas to have a look at what racing’s like in the Lone Star State. You know what? It’s the best racing you’ll probably ever see.

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  1. Post By mitoand9

    I bet it's fun and all, but what's going on with americans and racing in loops? I don't really see the point, a car should win because it's better in any road section. Bends, hills, straights. What is the exact aim here?

  2. Post By Shareef Alsayed

    Left… Left… Left.. :p circuit of the Americas FTW. Go Lewis Hamilton.

  3. Post By Hastrup081290

    Oh no! Left tuuuuurn!

  4. Post By 420apache657

    track day bro hooisers

  5. Post By 12389h

    The best racing in Texas doesn't happen on the race tracks.

  6. Post By kleinbottled79

    On the appeal of oval racing. Racing on a road course is maybe 70% against the track 30% against the other drivers. 20+ Cars on a tight oval flips that. Drivers fight for position constantly. People on both sides of this sport oval/road have understandable reasons for thinking the other side is boring. However, they are both wrong. All racing rocks.

  7. Post By Gauntlet

    The hillbilly highway. WooHoo.

  8. Post By DaSixSixOne

    My favorite new reality show in the making… I'd watch every race!

  9. Post By bear0134

    Texas is a fuckning shit hole… Full of rednecks, plumbers and stupid people.

  10. Post By Brent M

    ayye I live in Texas!

  11. Post By SSP1155

    Great stuff.

  12. Post By Oussama Erraji

    is that an ambulance used as a safety-car?

  13. Post By David MotorGuy

    So guys from the states! what state do you think is best for Gear Heads? 

  14. Post By Paul Reyes

    Great video!!!

  15. Post By Istalriify

    I love seeing all the women that are racing here, we need to get more women into motorsports and car stuff in general. After being given shit all my life for being a girl that's really into cars it's nice to see all those women that go out there every weekend to race. Hopefully it inspires all the little girls in the stands to not be afraid to like this stuff. 

  16. Post By Jakub Fukan

    Is everybody in USA only able to steer to the left? :D

  17. Post By Alex Li

    This is really cool, wish there was a version of this for circuit racing.

  18. Post By Arthur Sperotto

    Oh man… that's f*cking beautiful. Gives me goosebumps!! Hahaha Thanks for the video, XCAR.

  19. Post By Garrett Thompson

    This is literally a mile away from my house. Y u no say hi. Lol.

  20. Post By Homicidium

    Phenomenal documentary, XCAR! Great to see you guys covering these Amateur leagues, we usually don't hear/know about here in Europe. I'd love to participate in there one day, looks like a LOT of fun!

  21. Post By peter jacobsen

    i love that they all have so much enthusiasm around the race. but as a European i still dont get the round track part….

  22. Post By MulsanneStr8GT40

    This looks like a lot of fun but I'd want to race on tracks that'll let you go left AND right

  23. Post By turshin

    Looks fun

  24. Post By Carfection

    New video alert! Check out the Central Texas Speedway and see the people who drive around this crazy circuit!

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