Rust Rot on my 2004 Subaru Forester

Bruce Henn examines the rust damage on our 2004 Subaru Forester camera car. The Right-Front lower control arm is unsafe. There is also minor rot on the rocker panels and strut towers that needs to be cut-out and patched. Steve Moyer Subaru will replace the lower control arm under a Subaru Recall NHTSA CAMPAIGN ID Number: 11V464000. Thank you to Bruce Henn’s Garage and Steve Moyer Subaru for helping us out!


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25 thoughts on “Rust Rot on my 2004 Subaru Forester

  1. I wish I had (only) that much rust on my 1990 Camry. She runs so good but the rust is getting pretty nasty and no one wants to fix her. Best $2600 I've ever spent… 10 years ago !

  2. Why didnt you look into a 1st Gen Volvo XC90 or V70 R Type for a camera car? I believe either one of those would of been a better choice than Goldie

  3. Membrane556 says:

    First time I seen a control arm rust through like on anything newer than something from the 1970s.

  4. Mitsubishi Outlander Sport–not wagon, but

  5. TaffPlays says:

    If you are looking out for an XT, try and find an Obsidian Black one, or Newport Blue. Those colours are sexy IMO

  6. tuschè says:

    "Ya like jackin dont ya"

    nervous laughter

    "I got trophies"

    deep stare intensifies

  7. Dave says:

    Damn, that thing looks super clean compared to my PT cruiser I just sold. Gotta love Central New York.

  8. SPcamert says:

    I took an 06 XT out for a test drive once and wound up getting sideways on the way off the lot…

  9. My Sport Trac has some bad rocker panel rot due to poor design of plastic trim. Also has rot on the back of the cab cause what an awesome idea to leave a spot open from the cab and the bed. Snow and salt get stuck in their and rot it away. Living in a rust belt state Good job Ford…..Still a nice truck all things considered I wanna put it on this show once I fix a few things

  10. Gazurbluh says:

    I had the same issue on my 01. It wasn't covered by warranty, so we fixed it…and sold it. Now I have an 04 with not a speck of rust.

  11. LMacNeill says:

    Having lived my entire life in the south, I’m used to cars that don’t rust like that. The winters up there in PA are just ridiculously harsh!

  12. Get that rust fixed, wash all the salt off, let it completely dry and hose the underside with fluidfilm. It will never rust again. Did it to my 99 Cherokee last fall and so far its working great. Did my Honda Civic with used oil and that seems to work just as well too.

  13. I'll be putting my Sage Green 2010 XT Limited up for sale shortly. Looking to get something with 3 rows for extra people space. Has 100,000 miles. It is somewhat modified though. It has a road e-tune, BC coilovers, STI rear sway bar, Grimmspeed Intake, Grimmspeed electronic Boost Controller, Perrin intercooler, GFB BOV, EL Tomei headers, Invidia Cat back, Hayden tranny cooler, Yonaka 2 core rad, DW E-85 pump, I still have everything to return to stock except for the exhaust.

    Plan on selling it in the next few months after I replace the tired turbo. Just replaced the Radiator, timing belt, water pump and pulleys last weekend with OEM parts. It's been in a few wrecks. All of which have been repaired.

    Shoot me a message if you're interested.

  14. Volvo V50 AWD 6 speed?

  15. I have an 07 but basically the same car. I have light rust issues in the rear wheel wells but mine is spotless underneath. I get it Krown rust proofed every year and live in southern Ontario where we get a lot of salt and sand. It's a piss off because they sand heavily which strips the protective layer (paint, guarding, etc.) then they literally put salt in the wound and the cars rust out.

  16. Svenskraft says:

    Time for an XC70, they don't melt away like these weak cars.

  17. MB4LUNCH says:

    Fuckers stole my Name. I have one named "Goldie!" WTF?

  18. Brandon Ruhl says:

    is bruce henns garage a good place to get some rust work done? looking for some places around Pa.

  19. Svogflam says:

    Lol east coast problems

  20. shaeet says:

    I am a Subaru Fanboi too and I had 2 Subaru Outback XT 5-speed manuals in the past (2005 & 2006). Same powertrain as the Forester XT. All I can say is STAY AWAY. You'll have a turbo failure or rod bearing failure in no-time unless they were ridiculously well-maintained. Finding a unmodified one is impossible. What do you have against Volkswagen? Tons of people suggesting the Golf Sportwagen Alltrack / 4-motion to you and it is the most logical answer to ALL of your desires: has metal tie-downs, is a wagon, has a 6-speed manual, can get it brand-new with a 72-mo warranty, is FAST, uses 87 octane and gets 32mpg+ easily on the highway, is AWD, has all modern tech features including backup camera, androidauto/apple carplay. You can get a 4-motion GSW or base Alltrack S for under $18k out the door. Not considering one is doing yourself a huge disservice.

  21. shaeet says:

    why is he jacking it against the floor pan?!

  22. Joni English says:

    MAZDA RUST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. smogfire 307 says:

    I love my forester

  24. W163, that's an awesome camera car, even more with the 3rd range of seats, that's allowing you to place a cameraman direclty towards the car behind you, with the tailgate open (beware the exhaust gases, though :) )

  25. Brian V says:

    duct tape… shell be fine

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