S2000-Powered Toyota AE86 – One Take

This Toyota AE86 Hatchback has been built into an amateur drift car by its owner “Juan Jovi.” Featuring a Honda F20 four-cylinder engine and 6-speed gearbox from a 2002 Honda S2000, this 86 takes the formula that made that car special in the first place with the 4AGE high-revving engine and RWD, and really cranks that up. The S2000 drivetrain is a perfect combination with this car.
Check out Juan’s Instagram for more about the 86!

Special thanks to Aaron and the guys from ATS Racing for this opportinuty! Got an MR2, Lotus, Ferrari, Corvette, or anything else that needs a Turbo? Hit up ATS Racing: http://www.atsracing.com

Special Thanks to Eagles Canyon Raceway for letting me film! For track day or membership information: http://www.eaglescanyon.com

Special thanks to Mason Bleadsell and Thomas Le for the cover photos and drive-by shot assistance. http://www.bleasdellphotography.com/

Full Toyota AE86 Build List:
F20/trans out of a 2002 s2000
JSP motor/trans swap kit
Modified crossmember
Modified transmission tunnel
Modified shifter hole
Custom full 3” inch exhaust
Varex electric cutout muffler
75% s2000 wiring
Hondata kpro V4
Innovative wideband
S2000 cluster
S2000 push to start button
S2000 ignition switch
05 civic si mishimoto radiator
Dual electric fans
Toyota Yaris filler neck
Carbon fiber hood
Aerocatch hood pins
Fiber glass front bumper
240sx s13 master cylinder
Dual caliper T3 bracket
Custom wilwood hydro e-brake
240sx rear brakes (hydro)
Custom hard brake lines
Steel braided brake hoses
79 Celica Supra rear end housing with custom mounts
Weir performance lsd max grip kit
Mk2 supra lsd
Mk1 celica supra ring and pinion
Custom two piece slip jointed driveshaft
T3 rose joint panhard bar
BC coil overs with spindle
Battle version lower control arms
Battle version tension rod
Dmac Mcn sport rose jointed outer tie rods
Dmac Mcn sport steering rack spacer
White line sway bar
Sparco seat
Buddy club racing seat rails
Momo steering wheel
Nrg quick release
Cusco bolt on cage with welded on door bars
G-force 5 point harness
Walbro 255

38 thoughts on “S2000-Powered Toyota AE86 – One Take

  1. Tman52 says:

    Says he’s committed, but only driving the car at 4/10th hahaha

  2. Audfile says:

    Out of all the 80s cars you've done recently this car had the best sounding stupid-loud exhaust. Also looked way more fun to drive than the overpowered MR2. I wonder how much this build costs, total.

  3. nooranik21 says:

    Real AE86 or a modified USDM Celica Supra?

  4. GT Mike91 says:

    Seeing this makes me want to learn and drive stick so much now. I swear autos don't look that cool when someone does spirited driving, nor sound as cool either.

  5. you shift like you dont know how to drive a race car

  6. Riley Hughes says:

    Why the fuck would you do this? The entire appeal of the 86 is the engine… This is just a shitty Corolla w a Honda Swap now lmao fuck this piece of shit

  7. No hate over the S2k motor, just never saw the appeal over even an NA 1j or NA 2j. The price difference nowadays between f20 and f22 motors and 1j swaps is hilarious for what you get. Also transmissions, Toyota knows transmissions.

  8. seylermoon says:

    I just want you to know, Matt, that one of the things I appreciate most as a long-time fan of One Takes is how organic they are. Being able to watch you learn and vibe with each car's unique personality in real time gives the viewer so much information that can't always be captured in videos that are otherwise "too polished". One Takes are different, honest, and super fun in way that makes them stand out among conventional shooting styles. Thank you for everything you've done.

  9. Would be sick to see your feet at work..PAUSE NO HOMO

  10. Am I the only one who is dying inside a little bit, each day, every day, as these one takes get better and better as we approach the end. I’m going to draw a warm bath.

  11. Ace Aardvark says:

    Needs more exterior cameras.

  12. I'll be honest I don't know shit about drifting. But I've always wondered would you really need that handbrake if you have the proper power. Like 500 to the wheels on a 2500 lb car.

  13. MzrSpeed says:

    Sounds like the takumi in rocket league

  14. mason acosta says:

    i wanna see Tanner Foust driving this car. see how to well it performs under his crazy driving.

  15. drillzz22 says:

    Bunta would be so proud

  16. Had the pleasure of seeing it at a local meet. Got super psyched when the guy told me it would be on this channel and now its finally here.

  17. Andrew B says:

    Awesome video Matt. At 5:13 and again at 7:10 you mentioned that it was popping out of gear and you weren't sure why. I believe that is a known issue with the S2000 gearbox, as well as an issue with it randomly grinding sometimes similarly to the new Civic Type R. Anyway, sounds amazing, and seems like a hell of a lot of fun to drive. Thank you for the content.

  18. David Hill says:

    No tofu was harmed in the making of this video .

  19. this kinda sounds like johnny tran
    Honda s2000 in the the fast and furious

  20. If anybody wants to see more about Jovi's car take a peep at our channel and subscribe for future updates.

  21. Love it wen my boy matt hits vtec yo

  22. Leandro says:

    why isn't this channel super popular. this is car porn

  23. mzondi1970 says:

    Dori Dori would love this

  24. Tomm192 says:


  25. revans425 says:

    Skip like 10 minutes in to actually see some drifts

  26. Tomm192 says:

    DORIFTO ?!

  27. so raspy

  28. cdwag23 says:

    you were having a hard time drifting because you barely hit vtec the entire video

  29. Jdor D says:

    Great video…"Yeshua/Jesus is the way"

  30. Budget Tech says:

    this guy can't drive. how do you money shift a s2000 , brutal

  31. the straight cut gear whine makes it sound like a stuka dive bomber

  32. ProjectADD says:

    I would beat the living shit out of this thing! Lol

  33. PGTMR2 says:

    Hey Terrence!
    Yes Phillip!
    Can we put a fart can in a classic?
    We sure can! RIIIIIPPP!

  34. Kensei doriftu?

  35. Mansa Musa says:

    I wonder how an ap2 s2k engine would work in a brz/frs/gt86. Especially with a supercharger.

  36. Scandinavian flick

  37. The car is certainly capable ..its in the timing ..try tossing the car around without the ebrake

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