Scott Pruett: In the Pit with 3GT Racing – Motor Trend Presents

IN THE PIT takes you behind the scenes with the drivers of 3GT racing. EPISODE 4 follows legendary racer Scott Pruett as he leads the 3GT racing team in their first IMSA racing season in the Lexus RC F. We get an inside look at how Scott mentors his teammates, his commitment to his family and his passion for winemaking.

21 thoughts on “Scott Pruett: In the Pit with 3GT Racing – Motor Trend Presents

  1. This GT3 car looks good.

  2. J F says:

    "hi to my family at home"

  3. Eric Zehnder says:

    Great information about Scott but that music was like some Summer blockbuster movie trailer. Just put something simple and laid back. You're talking about a great guy, his laid back personal life, etc. Doesn't need to be *E*P*I*C*!

  4. Romane Denis says:

    analysis rest normal legislative supposed enough trick institution.

  5. Whatcha says:

    Hey Scotty!… Jesus man..

  6. 10 Tunnels says:

    How do I get a career in this field!

  7. Sad that racing doesn't spark interest anymore. Every youtube comment is a "car expert" but knows nothing about racing. No racing equals no sports cars. Support racing people!

  8. 01FozzyS says:

    Met him once in person back in the early 90's at a home show. What a great and friendly guy, Scott is.

  9. Ph Philip22 says:

    Nice cars man, nice cars.

  10. Scott Pruett is a living legend! I've been a fan since as long as I can remember!

  11. "Go for it!"

  12. Mat Taylor says:

    Who can dislike this?

  13. DIAMLER says:

    Lexus IS the best

  14. Jacqui Penar says:

    Mad respect to this Scott

  15. enjoi says:

    that lexus is one bad ass race car


  17. brabham74 says:

    Geez, I was at Elkhart Lake in 1988 for the Trans Am race, and I remember talking with Pruett for a few minutes in the paddock.   Also, if remember correctly, he won that weekend?   He's still driving, and he doesn't look like he's aged a year during the last 29 years.  wft?     He's a  racing legend, and so is his team manager, Gentilozzi.   Wow, that's a hell of a team.

  18. Steven Farm says:

    How can i be part of this team? I wanna work in racing

  19. Bobby Bass says:

    Atleast this dude doesn't drive off cliffs, like Randy Prolapse ..

  20. MGS_Vlogs says:


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