Strut Replacement – Monroe Quick Strut Vs Naked Strut

When replacing worn shocks absorbers, you can either replace the entire strut assembly or simply replace solely the shock. Monroe Shocks and Struts has supplied quick struts and naked struts for comparison in this video. Using the quick strut, installation is faster and easier as you do not have to use a spring compression tool and disassemble the old strut.

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25 thoughts on “Strut Replacement – Monroe Quick Strut Vs Naked Strut

  1. Nodak81 says:

    Wish you could get a "quick strut" version using OEM parts. Such a pain in the ass to replace everything piece by piece if you go OEM route.

  2. Where can I find a complete quick strut assembly for the rear wheels of a 2013 Chrysler 200s?…have looked all over with no luck.

  3. As always thank you for your research and videos. They are always helpful in understanding the tech work that goes into maintenance and also the engineering and physics of the process.
    With all this being said what are your thoughts for pros and cons on mono tube and twin tube shocks?
    Also what are your thoughts for naked struts used with new higher or lower strength springs?
    Curious to doing a offroad rally build but also so many talk about lowering springs but never doing their shocks/struts to compensate for travel and bottoming out along with dampening rates.
    Sorry if you've made a video already. Hadn't noticed if you Di yet. Like always thanks for your time and best wishes my friend.

  4. CrzyWile says:

    KYB makes quick struts, fyi.

  5. dunno yolo says:

    how are this struts for off-road ? Compared to the Monroe Mono-Max Strut ?

  6. generalmeng says:

    how is MacPherson strut any different than coilover?

  7. Minn259 says:

    I'm able to do either option, but I'm not sure if the spring or the other components needs to be replaced with the strut. What should I look for with the spring and the other stuff such as the boot.

  8. How long does it take for quick struts to become available for newer cars ( 2009 Maxima ).

  9. Juan Alacran says:

    how do I order the Monroe quick struts? there is no checkout tab.

  10. John Curtan says:

    they are easy with a impact gun just use pb blaster on all the bolts and everything

  11. Lenny Devivo says:

    bought UNITY quick struts for my 03 subaru: would nt recommend> very bouncy and loss of height…wtf?

  12. becky1925g says:

    will the Monroe strut have the Brand name written on them somewhere ? Also are all quick struts equal in quality ? Thank you.

  13. CannedPakes says:

    I can't even find quick struts for my car.

  14. in the end, both KYB and Monroe suck. you have to replace them after only 1-4 years. do the math, unless you work on cars, they are a b-tch to work with. it is all cheap a-s advertisement!! do it right, do it one time. buy genuine OEM part.

  15. billr111 says:

    Excellent video! Clearly explained in less than 3 minutes! Thank you very much!

  16. can you do a video explaining the difference between a shock and a strut? i have a 2009 scion tc and i think it has struts front & rear, but i hate how every website i look at interchangeably uses the two words without differentiating between them.

  17. VOOODOOO says:

    love it great video

  18. Used monroe brand quick struts and got noisy problems three different times. You call tech support and they know about the issues but still no improvement. They will send you replacements which is great but who wants to keep doing the work over and over and pay for alignments. Looking for another brand now that makes a more reliable product. Has anyone triad the sachs brand quick struts. There mAde in Germany as opposed to china. ?

  19. Rod Sapyta says:

    Great video Dude. I will get the Quick set for the Lexus.

  20. Sugayagan S says:

    wat about suspension valving???

  21. jose llamas says:

    Do you have a video on replacing shocks on a 1999 infinity, or similar suspension? All of the videos I've see are for replacing the McPherson struts, which are not similar in design. You're right, compressing the springs is a lot of work. I wonder if an all-inclusive is available for this model, but springs still have to be compressed?

  22. Max Martinez says:

    Napa all day

  23. isuzu dmax says:

    Hi There can u do a video, on how torsion bars work thanks

  24. Power steering

  25. hostilityy says:

    Ok people if you have an old ass car that looks like it's sagging, you must replace the whole strut assembly because the spring decides the car's ride height. If you're cheap and replace only the cylinder, you will be good for shock absorption but the car will look like shit off balanced.

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